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Learning Opportunity: Agriculture Technologies

Agriculture Technologies

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:
To prepare Professional Bachelor of Agriculture Technologies, able to apply modern agriculture technologies and prevention measures in the professional activity, able to analyze and creatively apply acquired knowledge as well as constantly learning under conditions of the establishing knowledge society.
Learning outcomes.
After completion of the study programme, a graduate will be able to:
1. Perform technological process; Evaluate the quality of the work;
2. Evaluate plant growing technological processes; Evaluate cattle breeding technological processes; Choose agricultural technique and buildings;
3. Organize storage and realization of agricultural production;
4. Organize the enterprise management process.
5. Assess the predecessor and will be field and garden seed production rotations; Grow vegetables and field crops seeds by various technologies;
6. Assess the elements of the marketing complex; Controlled by the availability of material resources.
Activities of teaching and learning:
Methods of assessment of learning achievements:
Final subject assessment is a cumulative score. Assessment formula of students’ achievements is presented in study subjects description.
Study subjects (modules), practical training:
Study subjects (modules), practical training:
General College Study Subjects
Philosophy/ Sociology, Professional Language Culture; Professional Foreign Language; Professional Ethics.
Subjects in the Study Field
Mathematics, Law, Labour and Civil Safety, Electronic Data
Processing, Biology and Biochemistry Fundamentals, Ecology, Fundamentals of Economics; Economics of Enterprises,
Fundamentals of Management, Agriculture Policy; Accounting and Finance Fundamentals, Marketing, Plant-growing Technologies, Horiculture and Olericulture Technologies, Cattle-breading Technologies, Veterinary Basics, Mechanization of Agriculture.
Subjects in Specialisations:
Seed Farming of Field and Vegetable Garden Plants
Field and Vegetable Garden Crops Seed Production Basics,
Field Crops Seed Production,
Seed Production of Garden Crops
Seed Growing Mechanization
Agricultural Commerce
Marketing Research,
Logistics of Commercial Activity
Trade Quality Management
Accounting and Finance Basics
Seed Farming of Field and Vegetable Garden Plants
Agricultural Commerce
Practice placements:
Cognitive Practice
Agricultural Technologies Practice
Final Practice
Agricultural Mechanisation Practice
Optional courses:
Any three subjects from “The List of Optional Subjects Freely”.
Distinctive features of a study programme:
The study program is completed:
Study programme is completed by assessment of the competences during the Final Thesis defence.

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Access requirements: 

Minimum education - Secondary



Provider Information

Provider Name: 
Utena College
Provider Type: 
Provider Contact Info: 

Provider phone number: +370-389-51615 Provider email: administracija@utenos-kolegija.lt Provider URL: http://www.utenos-kolegija.lt

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Professional Bachelor of Agriculture Technology
Awarding body:

Utena College

Awarding body contact info:

Provider phone number: +370-389-51615 Provider email: administracija@utenos-kolegija.lt Provider URL: http://www.utenos-kolegija.lt

Course Locations

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Course address:

Maironio g. 7, Utena