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Learning Opportunity: Advanced Energy Solutions - Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes, Master of Science (Technology) (2 yrs)

Advanced Energy Solutions - Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes, Master of Science (Technology) (2 yrs)

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Knowledge of energy conversion and storage technologies are essential for designing and operating energy systems for sustainable future. The major Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes covers renewable energy technologies, energy storage, biomass conversion, power plant technology and computational methods. Students in the major gain a strong education of energy technology as well as a deep knowledge of the advanced areas.

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2 vuotta


For non-EU/EEA citizens 15000


120 ECTS credits

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Aalto University, School of Engineering
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050 3478 230
Aalto University, School of Engineering
PL 14100, 00076, AALTO
Otakaari 4, 02150, ESPOO

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Interested in career in energy for our society? Want to be involved in development of rapidly-changing, future energy systems? Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions may be the perfect match for you.

There is an ongoing transition towards sustainable energy which combines smartness, flexibility and environmental performance with a customer acceptance and engagement. New energy system will be a complex combination of central and local resources. This calls for new thinking of primary sources, production, markets, transmission, use and customers as producer-consumers (prosumers). The purpose of Master's Programme is to educate a new generation of people to face these vast challenges and to implement the radical changes needed in our societies.

The programme has four majors:

  • Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes
  • Industrial Energy Processes and Sustainability
  • Energy Systems and Markets
  • Energy in Buildings and Built Environment

In each of them, student will be provided a solid theoretical background, complimented with interdisciplinary studies to broaden and deepen the understanding of energy challenges in our society. The student is able to apply the principles and theories of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, engineering physics, mathematics or economics or arts for advanced energy solutions. All these majors provide the student with solid basic knowledge and theorietical understanding of their aspect of energy.

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Otakaari 4, 02150, ESPOO