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Learning Opportunity: Advance Nursing Practice

Advance Nursing Practice

Course Information

General Description:
The aim of the study program (s)- is to prepare a competent advanced practice nurse with acquired modern knowledge, practical skills and considerable critical thinking who would rely on the system of professional and personal values formed and is able to apply advanced nursing practice solutions based on scientific research, to work independently in various health care institutions and to take leadership in a dynamic multi-professional environment in order to effectively deal with the problems of health care system.
Learning outcomes:
1. Knowledge and its application
1.1. Know the national and international health policies; health care legislation; health care administration and the peculiarities of individual health care professionals team work and team building principles.
1.2. Know the most common symptoms of the body's systems, diseases, pathogenesis, diagnosis, complications, treatment basics, the formulation of diagnoses, prescription, differential diagnosis bases; pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles in the treatment of acute and chronic life threatening conditions; drug consumption patterns; total body response to violations and pathological processes in the human body.
2. Ability to carry out research
2.1. Be able to critically analyze and proper use of the scientific literature, independently plan and carry out research over the scientifically and practically important health and nursing issues, summarize and evaluate the results of a multidisciplinary approach in the national and international context.
2.2. Be able to logically and convincingly present research results and discuss scientific events, to prepare scientific publications.
3. Special skills

3.1.Be able to differentiate between health and disease; diagnose acute cases of disease, identify episodes of exacerbations of chronic diseases and provide assistance; will be able to predict and diagnose critical state of health; selection of appropriate clinical interventions in acute conditions and life-threatening situations.
3.2. Be able to recognize episodes of exacerbation of chronic diseases; perform selection / screening; select appropriate interventions during routine procedures; selection of appropriate clinical interventions in acute conditions and life-threatening situations.
4. Social skills
4.1. Ability to think strategically and work in a team with other professionals in responsible and informed decisions in changing situations.
5. Personal skills
5.1. Ability to integrate knowledge and manage complex situations, make decisions, evaluate alternative solutions, critically evaluate their own and others' professional practice

Activities of teaching and learning:
Lectures, practical work, seminars, student’s independent work, work in groups, case analysis, discussions, projects, research work based on problem solving, simulation.
Methods of assessment of learning achievements:
Cumulative grading is applied. The final grade is the sum of the cumulative part (50%) and the final test grade (50%). The cumulative grading is used for evaluating certain study results to be obtained. The final grade includes the components of the course (module) curriculum (intermediary tests, self-study tasks, written examination), which are expressed in percentage in the study curriculum.
Study subjects (modules), practical training:
Postgraduate program Advance Nursing Practice - 2 years; volume -120 credits in the form of - permanent, nature study - full-time study. The study program is executed four semesters, each with a volume of 30 credits.
The program study subject: Clinical ethics, Clinical pharmacology, Research Methodology, Pathological physiology, Health care system management, law and quality, Health promotion and disease prevention programmes, Final qualification exam, Assessment of health condition and management of chronic and acute diseases (conditions), Final master thesis.

Distinctive features of a study program:
Advanced nursing practice nurse will be able to work independently, taking over part of the functions of doctors.

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Minimum education - Higher education



Provider Information

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Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
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Provider phone number: +370-37-327201 Provider email: rektoratas@lsmuni.lt Provider URL: http://www.lsmuni.lt/

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Master of Care
Awarding body:

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Awarding body contact info:

Provider phone number: +370-37-327201 Provider email: rektoratas@lsmuni.lt Provider URL: http://www.lsmuni.lt/

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A. Mickevičiaus g. 9, 44307 Kaunas