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Access to guidance services

Access to guidance services


Guidance in schools (including adult education)
The services of information and guidance are usually provided within the schools or other educational institutions, but there are also examples of municipalities that offer guidance through a central guidance centre. Counselling is given to both prospective and enrolled pupils and adult students, individually and in group sessions. This most often occurs with different choices and transitions. For instance, most pupils in the ninth grade have personal interviews with their counsellor about their future plans and the choice of programme in upper secondary school. Many pupils also meet their counsellor before they have their week of working life experience in the eighth and ninth grade. There is ongoing work to integrate career guidance in teaching and handle it as a responsibility of the entire school.

Guidance at Universities
Guidance services at universities are organised centrally (for first contacts and general guidance), at departments and/or faculty level (study counselling in relation to subject areas) and at career centres (career choices, summer jobs, trainee vacancies etc). At the central guidance center prospective students can get access to guidance services.

Guidance within the Public Employment Service
Guidance for employment is provided through the PES Internet, Customer Service (skype and telephone) and face-to-face at the local PES-offices around the country. There are approx. 320 employment offices located throughout Sweden. 

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