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Learning Opportunity: 1/8 NURSERY SCHOOL AGIAS


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The Nursery School helps children to develop their senses and organize their motor and cognitive acts, to enrich and organize their experiences from the natural and social environment and to acquire the ability to distinguish the relationships and interactions that exists within this. Also, it helps children to develop the ability of understanding and to express in symbols in general and particularly in the fields of language, mathematics and aesthetics. Moreover, kinderganten helps children to crate interpersonal relationships that would help them to have a gradually and harmonious integration into the social life and to take actions freely and effortlessly within the framework of an organised environment and to learn the interactive relationship between an individual and a group. In general, Kindergarten helps children to develop physically, emotionally, mentally and socially

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At Nursery School there are two ages of infants.The first includes those infants that in the 31st of December reach the age of five (5) years . The second includes the infants that in the 31st of December reach the age of four (4) years. The Kindergarten certificate of attedance is a prerequisite for the entry to the next stage of compulsory education

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registration in school



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Ypourgeio Paideias
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GARAZO AGIA, T.K: 74054, THL: 2834041504

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Kindergarten certificate of attedance

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GARAZO AGIA, T.K: 74054, THL: 2834041504

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Greece - Kriti