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The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a translation tool that helps communication and comparison between qualifications systems in Europe. Its eight common European reference levels are described in terms of learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and competences. This allows any national qualifications systems, national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) and qualifications in Europe to relate to the EQF levels. Learners, graduates, providers and employers can use these levels to understand and compare qualifications awarded in different countries and by different education and training systems.

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Qualifications that are part of national qualifications framework are listed on this page. You can scroll down to find all information. Filter by Subject Field, EQF level and Location and you will find more detailed information on qualifications, and a link to the national database. The qualifications are part of national qualifications frameworks that have formally referenced to the EQF

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  1. Professional bachelor's degree in textile engineering (no legal status)

    Students will be able to: (general competences) demonstrate broad technical knowledge in the field of study, complemented by selected knowledge in the fields of science, management, ICT, aesthetics and the basics of textile design, demonstrate understanding of technical topics, including their theoretical background, demonstrate practical skills and abilities and immediately take on practical responsibilities, identify concrete and abstract practical problems, carry out theoretical analysis, seek solutions and take appropriate action, pursue own learning in their own professional field, participate in research and development work and transfer research and development achievements into practice, demonstrate understanding of the interdependence of technology and design, demonstrate understanding of artistic language and its technological translation into textile products and clothes, communicate with co-workers and experts from related disciplines, thus enabling active cooperation on joint work, and in the field of projects based on the integration of technical laws with design practice, demonstrate professional, ethical and environmental responsibility, use modern tools and skills, above all from the ICT field, in everyday professional work, (subject-specific competences) integrate knowledge from the field of textile materials and mechanical and chemical textile technology into a designed product, demonstrate understanding of the interdependence of technology and form, cooperate creatively with a designer on te ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  2. Master butcher (no legal status)

    Holders of a master craftsman qualification will be able to: perform professional butchery work to the standard of a master butcher (purchase slaughter cattle and poultry and transport it, carry out slaughter, make various semi-products and meat products and sell them), lead the operations of a production plant, prepare and lead the development strategy of a workshop, demonstrate mastery of methods and techniques and ensure the quality of products, demonstrate mastery of technology that leads to greater productivity and optimisation of costs, identify market conditions, make calculations and estimates, determine the technological preparation of work, demonstrate proficiency in leading the work process, take on workers and plan their development, train apprentices and transfer knowledge and skills to them, implement regulations in the field of occupational safety, protection of health, ecology, etc., motivate co-workers for work and develop a creative climate. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  3. Professional bachelor's degree in ecotechnology (no legal status)

    Students will be able to: (general competences) demonstrate knowledge of the legal and organisational form of activity of businesses and institutions and methods of operation and management in them, demonstrate familiarity with and understanding of ownership structure and types of businesses and institutions, communicate in Slovene and English and understand and interpret texts in these languages, use modern information and communication technologies and basic programming languages, acquire additional knowledge, integrate knowledge from various fields and transfer findings into practice, ensure quality in the work process in accordance with quality standards and the rules of the profession, encourage co-workers to participate in lifelong learning and take responsibility for personal development in the professional fields, demonstrate understanding of the importance and role of domestic and foreign professional institutions and chambers, work independently and participate in expert groups, demonstrate understanding of the importance of safety at work and the use of adequate protective equipment for themselves and for co-workers, write and understand texts that are an integral part of the business environment of a company or institution, prepare a synthesis of results and findings obtained, (subject-specific competences) demonstrate understanding of business reports and technical reports, take part in complex projects, demonstrate mastery of the principles of the rational use of energy and materials, assess the r ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  4. Head of working group in manufacturing (no legal status)

    Candidates will be able to: - plan, prepare, analyse and check own work and the work of the working group, - take responsibility for quality assurance in manufacturing processes and technological processes and monitor development of the field, - ensure the rational use of energy, material and time in the implementation of manufacturing/technological processes, - communicate with co-workers and superiors and with other organisational units, - ensure the implementation of regulations on occupational health and safety and fire safety, - use modern ICT and software to support manufacturing processes, - lead co-workers (plan, coordinate, delegate, control), motivate them to achieve targets, transfer quality assurance philosophy into practice and foster their professional development, - supervise implementation of the manufacturing process and ensure achievement of lean manufacturing targets in a working group, - allocate resources optimally to ensure that the manufacturing process runs smoothly in their working group in accordance with technical/technological documentation, - introduce improvements to the work process in accordance with the strategy of the business and deploy lean manufacturing concepts in their organisational unit, - cooperate with superiors on receiving orders, ordering raw materials, production deadlines and dealing with complaints, - ensure that tools and protective equipment are in a good state. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  5. Traditional-style bread, potica, pastry and pasta maker (no legal status)

    Candidates will be able to: - plan, prepare, carry out and check own work, - make rational use of energy, material and time, - protect health and the environment, - communicate with customers, - prepare a bread oven or oven for baking, - prepare dough and filling and bake bread and potica, - prepare dough and filling and bake bread and pastries, - prepare dough and shape pasta, - pack and store bread, potica, pastries and pasta, - market own products. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia