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  1. BSc in Civil Engineering

    Learning outcomes for BSc in Civil Engineering The programme leading to a BSc degree in Civil Engineering is 210 ECTS credits. Students take 54 ECTS credits in fundamental courses that are the same for all 3.5 year BSc engineering programmes. They take 120 ECTS credits in courses that are specific to their chosen discipline (Civil Engineering); of these, civil engineering students are encouraged to take 24 ECTS credits in courses that comprise a "specialisation package" in structural design, installations or construction. Other elective courses are worth 12 ECTS credits. Students conclude their studies with a final project of 24 ECTS credits, most often in collaboration with a firm in the relevant industry. There is an emphasis on practical, hands-on engineering skills and on preparing students for a career in industry after graduation. Upon completion of the BSc programme, the student should possess general knowledge and understanding of the following: KNOWLEDGE The basic principles of mathematics that are fundamental to analysis, design and optimization in civil engineering, including: The basic principles of calculus, differentiation and integration. Vectors, matrices, determinants, eigenvalues, eigenvectors and solving systems linear equations. 1st and 2nd degree differential equations and their general solution form and methods using Fourier and Laplace transform, complex numbers and complex exponentials. Probability and statistics, data analysis and error estimates. Numerical method ...

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