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  1. Postgraduate Studies Programme in "Economic and Business Strategy".Department of Economics. Faculty of Economics, Business and International Studies. University of Piraeus.

    The objectives of the Master in Science (M.Sc.) in ‘’Economic and Business Strategy’’ of the Department of Economics of the University of Piraeus are the following: • Preparation of specialized and capable professionals for employment in the public and private sector, who will promote the development of Greek businesses and the economy. • Development of knowledge and research in the fields of Economic, Strategy and Business Strategy. In order to achieve these goals, a variety of teaching methods will be used such as case studies, applied research, “gaming”, computer simulations, seminar presentation topics, so that knowledge will be gained through real experience. ...

    Provider Name Department of Economics. Faculty of Economics, Business and International Studies. University of...

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Greece
  2. Undergraduate Studies Program in Ecclesiastical Music and Chanting. Patriarchal University Ecclesiastical Academy of Crete.

    Aim & goals of the educational opportunity provided The aim is to promote and educate Clerical and Lay Staff of the Orthodox Church in Greece, to a high standard of education and Christian ethos. In this context, the goals of the Curriculum are: a) to instil the values of Christianity and the Orthodox Faith in graduates, b) to provide graduates with the appropriate education and knowledge, through theoretical and practical training, to attain a high standard of education and spiritual scholarship, c) to promote and employ the historical sources of Orthodox Faith and Tradition, the monuments and relics of Orthodox Christianity, and the treasures of intellectual creation and cultural heritage of the Church of Greece and world Orthodox Christianity, with the aim of serving the Orthodox Church, d) to imbue graduates with a spirit of unity, love and cooperation, which they will transmit in their turn to the Orthodox faithful and all those in the social milieu of the Orthodox Church in Greece, with the basic aim of peaceful and harmonious coexistence on both a national and an ecumenical level. Further useful information on the educational opportunities provided Both male and female students may apply. The Patriarchal University Ecclesiastical Academy of Crete has a state-of-the-art Music Laboratory including a recording studio, an exhibition of traditional musical instruments and a wealth of material on Byzantine and European Music and Greek Folk Music. It also has a Computer Laboratory, a Computer Room for stude ...

    Provider NameDegree in Ecclesiastical Music and Chanting. Program of Music and Chanting.Patriarchal University...

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Greece
  3. Doctorate in Fine and Applied Arts. Department of Fine and Applied Arts.Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Western Macedonia

    The specification of the subject of the Doctoral Dissertation is performed by the Supervising Professor and by the Consulting Board (if any) in collaboration with the Candidate Doctor, following submission by him/her of a complete proposal, which shall include at least the following: 1. Brief review of the recent literature, proving the need for additional research on the suggested thematic subject. 2. The narrower scientific field aimed by the dissertation, and specifically the subject in question. 3. The methodology for the analysis and research, which shall be considered, initially, as suitable and sufficient, in combination with an early diagram for the structure of the material. 4. A first, non-restrictive, time schedule for work. The Candidate Doctor must submit to the Supervising Professor or to the Consulting Board Progress Reports, which aim to inform its members and coordinate the progress of his/her research. The Progress Reports are submitted within the first 10 days of January and June. The submission of a Progress Report is compulsory also in the event where the Candidate Doctor is only attending courses. The Supervising Professor or the Consulting Committee must submit a Progress Evaluation Report for the Candidate Doctor to the General Assembly of the Department, communicated also to the competent Sector, on an annual basis. The Supervising Professor or the Consulting Committee reserve the right to terminate their operations if the Candidate Doctor: fails to submit the semi-annual progress repo ...

    Provider NameDepartment of Fine and Applied Arts.Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Western Macedonia

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Greece
  4. Undergraduate Studies programme of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts.Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Western Macedonia

    The Department is largely of laboratory nature, thus the main study and education is performed in the laboratories of the visual and applied arts. The laboratory teaching is supplemented by theoretical courses intertwined with the courses of the laboratories, which structure the scientifically updated context of the curriculum. The curriculum is structured in a way that allows students discovering different views and methods of artistic expression, by studying in the different laboratories of the Department. The programme aims to allow students to formulate their own, personal artistic identity, on which their artistic and professional career shall be based, so that the graduates are capable of working as an artist with sufficient skills and treat with a scientific method any practical and theoretical issues related to the artistic creation in general. The courses in the Department of Fine Arts and Applied Arts are divided into two core categories: Courses of Laboratory of Fine and Applied Arts The courses of the Laboratories of Fine and Applied Arts are organised as follows: - Courses of Fine Arts: A) Painting (three Laboratories), B) Sculpting (one Laboratory), C) Engraving (one Laboratory). - Laboratory courses of applied arts: A) Digital Arts, B) Ecclesiastical Arts, C) Decoration Arts Theoretical Courses The Theoretical Courses are organized as follows: - Theoretical Courses The Theoretical Courses include courses from the following scientific fields: History of Art, History of Architecture, Aes ...

    Provider NameDepartment of Fine Arts and Applied Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts.University of Western Macedonia

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Greece
  5. DAT.cz

    Databáze DAT CZ pomáhá uživatelům, kteří chtějí doplnit nebo rozšířit svou kvalifikaci, najít vhodnou vzdělávací akci či seminář ve zvoleném oboru i regionu. Zdrojem údajů v databázi jsou přímo konkrétní vzdělávací společnosti, které mají zájem prezentovat a nabízet své akce prostřednictvím služeb serveru DAT CZ. V současné době tato databáze obsahuje širokou nabídku vzdělávacích kurzů z celé České republiky. ...

    Provider NameTrexima, a. s.

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Czech Republic
  6. SET středních škol

    Vzdělávací nabídka oborů středních škol a konzervatoří. ...

    Provider NameMinistry of Education, Youth, and Sports Czech Republic

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Czech Republic
  7. The University of Cyprus

    University of Cyprus aims to establish itself as a Pioneer Research Institution achieving International Scientific Recognition in European Higher Education, offering Competitive Programmes and to become a Centre of Excellence in the wider Euro - Mediterranean Region. The main objectives of the University are twofold: the promotion of scholarship and education through teaching and research, and the enhancement of the cultural, social and economic development of Cyprus. In this context, the University believes that education must provide more than simply accumulation of knowledge. It must also encourage students' active participation in the process of learning and acquisition of those values necessary for responsible involvement in the community. The University sets high standards for all branches of scholarship.  Research is promoted and funded in all departments for its contribution to scholarship in general and for its local and international applications.Faculties and Departments : FACULTY OF HUMANITIES  Department of English Studies Department of French Studies and Modern Languages Department of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies Language Centre  MEDICAL SCHOOL FACULTY OF PURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES Department of Biological Sciences Department of Mathematics and Statistics Department of Computer Science Department of Physics Department of Chemistry Molecular Medicine Research Center Oceanography Centre  FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND EDUCATION Department of Education Department of Social and Political Sciences ...

    Provider NameThe University of Cyprus

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Cyprus
  8. Info absolvent

    Informační systém o uplatnění absolventů škol na trhu práceVítáme Vás v informačním systému ISA+, který Vám nabízí pomoc při hledání vzdělávací a profesní dráhy. Najdete zde všechny školy a obory vzdělání, informace k přechodu na trh práce i do dalšího vzdělávání. Při výběru povolání Vám pomůže i Profi test nebo videoukázky technických profesí. Velkým přínosem je ISA+ pro žáky se zdravotním postižením i pro žáky se studijními problémy. ...

    Provider NameNárodní ústav pro vzdělávání

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Czech Republic
  9. SET vyšších odborných škol

    Vzdělávací nabídka vyšších odborných škol. ...

    Provider NameMinistry of Education, Youth, and Sports Czech Republic

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Czech Republic
  10. Rejstřík škol- Register of schools (except tertiary education)

    Adresář škol a školských zařízení (kromě vysokých škol) - Register of schools (except tertiary education). ...

    Provider NameMinisterstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Czech Republic