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The Onisep (Office National dInformation sur les Enseignements et les Professions equals National careers guidance service ) is a public service under the supervision of the ministry of Education and the ministry of Research.

Its role is to provide young people - their family and educational teams - with the available information about studies and trades in France: 130 000 initial learning opportunities, 20 000 places of learning (providers) and 500 trades...

Collecting, treating, producing and circulating information is what Onisep does. It exist from 1971. Over 600 persons, in a national network, work in the service in fields such as information, careers guidance, publishing and documentation. For instance, every year, Onisep delivers, free of charge, 12 million guides to teachers and pupils to help them in their choice of a future course of studies.

Onisep delivers information on secondary education, higher education and learning opportunities through a huge data base. It can be easily reached through its website.