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  1. Turkish Education system description at Eurypedia

    The Ministry of National Education (known also as MoNE) conducts educational activities on a central level in the Republic of Turkey. Each level of education is organised by their own General Directorate. Pre-School, Primary and Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary and Higher Education. Pre-school education is carried out by kindergartens. Primary and lower secondary education consists of eight years of compulsory education. Upper secondary education is not compulsory, but the vast majority of the population participates and have different options such as vocational and art schools. ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Turkey
  2. ENIC NARIC Turkey

    The Council of Higher Education - International Relations Office - ENIC-NARIC TurkeyYükseköğretim Kurulu Başkanlığı (YÖK)06539 Bilkent - ANKARATurkey ...

    Category: Recognition of diplomas & qualifications Location: Turkey

    Mevlana Bulvari N°181, Balgat06520, AnkaraTurkey ...

    Category: Exchange and Grants Location: Turkey
  4. Your Europe- Education & Youth

    Your Europe- Education & Youth URL:  http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/education/index_en.htm Category: Moving to a country Location: Turkey ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Turkey
  5. Education and youth in the EU

    Education and youth in the EU URL:  http://europa.eu/eu-life/education-training/index_en.htm Category: Moving to a country Location: Turkey ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Turkey
  6. Eurodesk in Turkey

    Eurodesk in Turkey URL:  http://eurodesk.ua.gov.tr Category: Contacts Location: Turkey ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Turkey
  7. Turkish Employment Organisation (ISKUR)

    The Turkish Euroguidance Center operating under the Turkish Employment Organisation (ISKUR). All EU – EEA Member States and the associated countries, totalling 31 countries, have their own centres called “Euroguidance”. The Centre serves as one of the main instruments to develop European dimension in education and training through the provision of information on education and training opportunities in the European Space. ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Turkey
  8. Eures Turkey

    EURES helps workers to cross borders EURES - European Employment Services - is a cooperation network designed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the European Economic Area;Switzerland is also involved. Partners in the network include public employment services, trade union and employers' organisations. The network is coordinated by the European Commission. ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Turkey
  9. Ulusal Europass Merkezleri

    Europass dokümanları, Avrupa Birliği düzeyinde bir eğitim programına girmek isteyen veya iş arayan Avrupa vatandaşlarının gönüllü kullanımına açık ve sahip oldukları niteliklerini ve yeterliliklerini daha iyi göstermelerinde yardımcı olmak amaçlı yetkinlik ve yeterliliklerde şeffaflığı sağlayan bir dokümanlar klasörüdür. ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Turkey
  10. Swiss Education system description at Eurypedia

    The Swiss education system is characterised by federalism, and organised in a decentralised manner. The primary responsibility for education lies with the cantons (states). They are responsible for the education system, except where the Federal Constitution declares the Confederation, or the Confederation and cantons together, to be competent. ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Switzerland