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  1. Europass Estonia

    Europass helps individuals highlight their abilities in an effective way. It promotes the mobility of individuals throughout Europe by removing barriers to working, studying or training in Europe. It is free and enables people to present their competences, skills and qualifications in a clear way. Europass consists of five documents. For information in English click here, in Estonian click here.Europass Estonia is located at the Estonian Qualifications Authority (SA Kutsekoda). ...

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  2. Euroguidance Estonia

    Euroguidance Estonia is the Estonian National Resource Centre for Guidance and provides a range of services to Estonian guidance professionals and to professionals abroad since 1998. As a member of the Euroguidance Network we provide support in the areas of learning mobility and lifelong guidance development within education, training and employment at International level. Euroguidance Estonia is part of the Archimedes Foundation. ...

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  3. Eurodesk in Estonia

    Estonian National Youth Portal is a platform of information and opportunities for young people across Estonia. We provide quality youth information both for youth and for people working with them. ...

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  4. Contact through euroguidance

    If you live in Europe and are looking for opportunities in Flanders, you can best contact your local guidance counsellor, who will contact us through the EUROGUIDANCE centre in your country, which can be found on the euroguidance website  ...

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  5. Tutoring

    The purpose of students' tutoring is offering support to students. Students tutors primarily help other students with their studies and study obligations in order to prevent them from failing or losing motivation during the studies. Students' tutoring is an important activity that enriches both involved, giving the tutor new experience and skills, forming bonds of trust  between both students. Such attitude acts towards more positive approach to study, stronger interactions between fellow students and towards better study results. Students' tutoring is offered at most faculties and academies at university, in a variety of forms:1. Introductory students' tutoring2. Subject students' tutoring3. Students' tutoring for students with special needs4. Students' tutoring for foreign students ...

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  6. eConselling

    eCounselling is a tool for effective career planning and job searching, developed by The Employement Service of Slovenia. ...

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  7. Access to guidance services

    Guidance in schools (including adult education)The services of information and guidance are usually provided within the schools or other educational institutions, but there are also examples of municipalities that offer guidance through a central guidance centre. Counselling is given to both prospective and enrolled pupils and adult students, individually and in group sessions. This most often occurs with different choices and transitions. For instance, most pupils in the ninth grade have personal interviews with their counsellor about their future plans and the choice of programme in upper secondary school. Many pupils also meet their counsellor before they have their week of working life experience in the eighth and ninth grade. There is ongoing work to integrate career guidance in teaching and handle it as a responsibility of the entire school.Guidance at UniversitiesGuidance services at universities are organised centrally (for first contacts and general guidance), at departments and/or faculty level (study counselling in relation to subject areas) and at career centres (career choices, summer jobs, trainee vacancies etc). At the central guidance center prospective students can get access to guidance services.Guidance within the Public Employment ServiceGuidance for employment is provided through the PES Internet, Customer Service (skype and telephone) and face-to-face at the local PES-offices around the country. There are approx. 320 employment offices located throughout Sweden.  ...

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  8. Slovak Europass Centre

    Whether you are planning to enrol in an education or training programme, looking for a job, or getting experience abroad, it is important to be able to make your skills and competences clearly understood. Tool "Europass" is a way of helping people to:- make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe; - move anywhere in Europe.Europass consists of five documents: two documents (Europass curriculum vitae (CV) and Europass Language Passport) you can fill in yourself; and three other documents (Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Diploma Supplement and Europass Mobility) filled in and issued by competent organisations.Europass is supported by a network of National Europass Centres. Slovak Europass Centre operates within State Institute of Vocational Education. Či už sa chystáte študovať alebo absolvovať odbornú prípravu, či hľadáte prácu alebo skúsenosti v zahraničí, je dôležité vedieť zrozumiteľne prezentovať vaše schopnosti a zručnosti. Nástroj "Europass" je spôsob, ako pomôcť ľuďom: - aby ich zručnosti a kvalifikácia boli jasne a ľahko zrozumiteľné v rámci Európy;- aby sa mohli pohybovať kdekoľvek v Európe. Europass tvorí päť dokumentov: dva dokumenty (Europass životopis - CV a Europass jazykový pas) si môžete vyplniť sami a ďalšie tri dokumenty (Europass dodatok k vysvedčeniu/osvedčeniu, Europass dodatok k diplomu a Europass-mobilita) vyplňujú a vydávajú príslušné organizácie.Europass podporuje sieť národných centier. ...

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  9. Euroguidance Sweden

    Euroguidance Sweden is hosted by The Swedish Council for Higher Education, a public authority under the Swedish Ministry for Education and Research. Euroguidance Sweden provides services to Swedish Guidance Professionals and to professionals abroad. It is an information and documentation centre for guidance counsellors who require information on the european dimension in guidance and learning mobility. ...

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  10. National Euroguidance Center Romania

    National Euroguidance Center Romania speaks to the guidance professionals in the education sector, as well as to the persons responsible for the life-long learning, employment and guidance policy. It makes available updated information relating to the mobility on the education, training and labour market; helps integrating the experience accumulated by the guidance and counselling system in specialised European programmes. ...

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