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  1. National Guidance Portal

    The Hungarian National Guidance Portal (Nemzeti Pályaorientációs Portál) guides you through the world of education and labour in Hungary. The databases help you discover the professions classified under the FEOR-08 system, the vocational qualifications classified under the OKJ system and the different institutions of secondary education. With the help of the portal's personality questionnaires the personal competences can be discovered and the personal careerpaths found. ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Hungary
  2. Eurodesk in Hungary

    The Eurodesk European network is established as a permanent support structure of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union to provide high quality information and advice concerning Europe to young people and those who work with them. In 31 European countries, there are national co-ordinators, networks of local information providers and co-operation partners, who can act as contact points to the European Eurodesk network. The office in Brussels facilitates the management and co-ordination of the Eurodesk Network, its activities and services. The Hungarian Eurodesk service operates on the national level as the part of the Hungarian National Agency of the Eramus+ Programme in the Youth sector. ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Hungary
  3. Felvi- Hungarian National Higher Education Information Centre

    The website of the Hungarian National Higher Education Information Centre gives information on Hungarian higher education, it lists the higher education institutions in the country, their Hungarian and foreign language programmes as well as the admission requirements.  ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Hungary
  4. Study in Hungary

    This site is intended as a useful and entertaining guide for long-term visitors to Hungary. It contains the most important information about sights throughout the country and gives an overview of Hungary's culture and institutions. It also provides a glimpse into the everyday lives and activities of the Hungarian people. ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Hungary
  5. National Reference Point

    The National Reference Point works as an information centre and also operates the Hungarian Europass Certificate Supplement on-line filling-in system. ...

    Category: Recognition of diplomas & qualifications Location: Hungary
  6. Europass National Centre

    Europass is a new way of helping people make their qualifications and competences clearly and easily understood in EU Member States, EFTA/EEA countries and candidate countries. Europass brings together six documents that have been developed at European level to improve the transparency of qualifications. The aim of the Europass is to facilitate the mobility of both learners and workers throughout Europe. ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Hungary
  7. Erasmus+ Ifjúsági Programiroda

    Erasmus+ Ifjúsági Programiroda. Információk az Erasmus+ program keretében pályázható lehetőségekről, pályázati kategóriákról és tudnivalókról valamint az Európai Önkéntes Szolgálatról EVS programról. ...

    Category: Guidance Services Location: Hungary
  8. Secondary school database

    The database of the Educational Authority lists all educational institutions (preschool, primary and secondary) and pedagogical services in Hungary. ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Hungary
  9. Users' Guide to Hungary

    Useful things to know about Hungary. The online booklet contains interesting and helpful facts about studying and living in the country.   ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Hungary
  10. Ministry of Human Capacities

    The Ministry of Human Capacities is responsible for the functioning of the national healthcare and welfare system in Hungary, the development of school education from nursery to university, the protection of cultural heritage, promotion of the interests of children and the young, and the realisation of government aims related to sport in Hungary. ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Hungary