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  1. Contact through euroguidance

    If you live in Europe and are looking for opportunities in Flanders, you can best contact your local guidance counsellor, who will contact us through the EUROGUIDANCE centre in your country, which can be found on the euroguidance website  ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Belgium
  2. Euroguidance Centre for the Wallonie-Brussels Federation

    The Euroguidance Centre for the Wallonie-Brussels Federation informs guidance practitioners and education professionals, students, parents, adult trainees and workers on learning and qualification systems and opportunities as well as mobility in Wallonie, Brussels and Europe.  Find your local Euroguidance contact on : http://euroguidance.eu/centres/belgium-french/ ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Belgium
  3. Nationaal Europass Centrum Vlaanderen

    Nationaal Europass Centrum Vlaanderen URL:  http://www.europass-vlaanderen.be/ Category: Contacts Location: Belgium ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Belgium
  4. Centre Europass BE fr, Agence Education Formation- Europe

    Adopté en décembre 2004, par le Parlement et le Conseil européens et approuvés par les états membres le portfolio Europass continue à se développer et s’inscrit aujourd’hui dans le de la stratégie européenne « Europe 2020 ». Depuis son lancement en 2005 le portfolio Europass a connu un grand succès auprès des citoyens européens. En sept ans près de 80 millions de visites ont été comptabilisées sur le portail européen de l’Europass (1) et plus de 34 millions de CV Europass (disponible en 26 langues) ont été complétés en ligne. Outre le CV européen, le portfolio Europass compte 4 autres documents : le Passeport de langues, l’Europass mobilité, le supplément au diplôme et le supplément au certificat. ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Belgium
  5. Eurodesk in Belgium-De

    Ab ins Ausland Hast du auch schon mal mit dem Gedanken gespielt für eine gewisse Zeit ins Ausland zu gehen um neue Erfahrungen zu machen und andere Kulturen kennen zu lernen. ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Belgium
  6. Eurodesk in Belgium-V

    Eurodesk in Belgium-V URL:  http://www.gostrange.be Category: Contacts Location: Belgium ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Belgium
  7. The Belgian Euroguidance centre for the Wallonie – Brussels

    European citizens should be given the opportunity to study and get trained in all the countries of the European Union. Therefore, they should be able to retry on places, people and resources capable of accompanying them in their process. ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Belgium
  8. EUROGUIDANCE Flanders

    The Flemish EUROGUIDANCE Centre was established in 1993 and its main tasks will be to co-ordinate the existing knowledge of counsellors and institutions involved in the field of study, training, career guidance and orientation. The target group of the EUROGUIDANCE Centre are the guidance counsellors in the CLB-centres and the VDAB-EURES centres of the Flemish community, and the EUROGUIDANCE Centres in other European countries. ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Belgium
  9. Ministry of Belgium

    this will give info on the type of the studies you can do. ...

    Category: Guidance Services Location: Belgium
  10. Arbeitsamt der DG- Euresberatung

    Eures adviser - information for employers and employees: work/jobs within Europe, moving to another country (Europe), social legislation,... ...

    Category: Contacts Location: Belgium