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The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a translation tool that helps communication and comparison between qualifications systems in Europe. Its eight common European reference levels are described in terms of learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and competences. This allows any national qualifications systems, national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) and qualifications in Europe to relate to the EQF levels. Learners, graduates, providers and employers can use these levels to understand and compare qualifications awarded in different countries and by different education and training systems.

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Qualifications that are part of national qualifications framework are listed on this page. You can scroll down to find all information. Filter by Subject Field, EQF level and Location and you will find more detailed information on qualifications, and a link to the national database. The qualifications are part of national qualifications frameworks that have formally referenced to the EQF

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  1. Agricultural and landscape engineer (no legal status)

    Students will be able to:  (general competences) develop a moral and ethical sense for honesty, accuracy and conscientiousness at work,  independently decide on the selection and use of raw materials and materials in production, manage, plan, organise and supervise technological and production units, use a foreign language to keep abreast of technical developments abroad and to communicate with professional terminology, develop aesthetic appearances, communicate for successful work with people in Slovenia and elsewhere, (specific vocational competences) understand the co-dependence of natural, ecological, technological, economic, social and cultural factors in the countryside and their importance for sustainable development, assure the quality of agricultural crops, products and services and take account of modern requirements and the needs of consumers, use environment-friendly farming technology and alternative energy sources in various ways, effectively organise, implement and monitor agricultural production, processing and the further processing of agricultural products and other activities in the countryside, design an integrated marketing strategy, brand and promotion as methods of marketing in agriculture and in other rural activities, manage the sale of agricultural crops and services and products from supplementary activities. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  2. Vidékfejlesztési szaktechnikus

    A képesítéssel rendelkező képes: Környezetkímélő technológiákat alkalmazni Fenntartható gazdálkodást folytatni Nemzeti ésEU-s előírásokat alkalmazni Szakmai és kultúrális programokat szervezni Településfejlesztési és marketing munkát végezni A településfejlesztési szervezetekkel együttműködni A mezőgazdasági termelésen kívüli vidéki jövedelemszerzésre Kisüzemi élelmiszertermelést és termékfeldolgozást folytatni Gyógyés fűszernövényeket,tájfajtákat termeszteni Helyi terméket értékesíteni Falusi vendéglátást folytatni Részt venni a térségi turizmus fejlesztésében Energia növényeket termeszteni, bioenergiát előállítani Vidékfejlesztési pályázatot készíteni A gazdálkodókkal kapcsolatot tartani A szakhatóságokkal egyeztetni ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Hungary
  3. Horsemanship

    Horsemanship ...

    Awarding bodyQuality and Qualifications Ireland

    Category: Qualifications Location: Ireland
  4. Craft- Farriery

    Craft - Farriery ...

    Awarding bodyQuality and Qualifications Ireland

    Category: Qualifications Location: Ireland
  5. Equine Breeding

    Equine Breeding ...

    Awarding bodyQuality and Qualifications Ireland

    Category: Qualifications Location: Ireland