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  1. Ecology and Environmental Management

    Future ecologists study ecology of populations, zoology of invertebrates, zoology of vertebrates, general chemistry, organic chemistry, environmental chemistry, environmental law, etc. The total number of studied subjects is 60. Practical training is organized in two stages: educational practical training is intended not only for practical application of theoretical knowledge of botany and zoology, but it also gives students the possibility to familiarize themselves with the landscape, relations between live organisms and the environment, and influence of environmental factors (pollution) to organisms. Pre-diploma practical training is intended for collection of material for the final work. The duration of practical studies is 640 hours. The study programme for ecology and the environment is intended for persons who have obtained secondary education. ...

    Provider NameKlaipeda University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  2. Ecology and Environmental Studies

    Objective(s) of a study programme: To educate highly qualified specialists of ecology who have fundamental knowledge on ecology and have mastered principles of endurance of continental ecosystems, who are able to practically apply knowledge related to usage of resources of interior waters and terrestrial ecosystems, capacities of ecological communities to adjust to changing climate and environment conditions as well as the decrease of the impact of major branches of economy on environment, to implement innovations in professional performance. Partial aims: 1. To develop the ability to apply broad theoretical knowledge of ecology and environmental sciences based on results of new fundamental and applied research which will enable identification and solution of complex specialized problems in the professional activities field, ensuring sustainable development of natural and anthropogenic systems. 2. To develop the ability to plan research and professional activities in the field of ecology, with regard to set aims and performance outcomes, as well as to enable independent selection of ways to carry out tasks, to organize people’s work to solve ecology-related tasks and to correct activities with regard to analysis of results of performance. 3. To develop an educated, of broad world view, civic and socially responsible personality who is able to get adjusted to constant and usually unpredictable changes which are predetermined by advancement of knowledge and technologies not only in the field of ecology, as well a ...

    Provider NameSiauliai University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania