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Learning Opportunity: Hairdressing, VQ

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Hairdressing, VQ

Course Information

Pakollisten ja valinnaisten ammatillisten tutkinnon osien lisäksi voi suorittaa muotoilukokonaisuudet tai osia kauneudenhoitoalan tutkinnosta (iltaopintoina) tai muita opintoja, joita voidaan toteuttaa jonkun muun koulutusalan opintojen yhteydessä.

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2 vuotta


180 ECVET competence points

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Mäntän seudun koulutuskeskus, Sasky
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03 474 7022
03 474 0200
PL 79, 35801, MÄNTTÄ
Virtasalmentie 14, 35800, MÄNTTÄ

Qualifications Awarded

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Those who have completed the qualification may work as employed hairdressers or independent entrepreneurs in small enterprises, hairdressing chains or multidisciplinary entrepreneurial communities. They may also work in sales, consultancy and training assignments and for the theatre or the media. A hairdresser¿s work involves individual customer service, where communication and co-operation skills, manual skills and an aesthetic vision play a key role.

Those who have completed the Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing know how to treat hair and scalp, cut and dye hair and treat beards, style hair, apply make-up and provide perming services. They may also work in styling services and implement various hair care and styling schemes. In addition to manual skills, hairdressers have knowledge of cosmetics and cosmetic products. They follow fashions and styles. They command many working methods and equipment used in the field and are able to acquire information about these. They understand the principles of entrepreneurship and operate profitably and reliably.

Course Locations

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Virtasalmentie 14, 35800, MÄNTTÄ