3 October 2019 — The Loi 130 expo has closed its doors. Here are some comments of visitors of the exhibition.

11 September 2019 — Commissioner Oettinger meets the neighbourhood associations

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For the second time since the launch of the Loi 130 competition, Commissioner Oettinger met with the neighbourhood associations (AQL, ARAU, BRAL, GAQ, IEB and Riverains Jourdan). On Thursday 5 September, he invited them for a private tour of the Loi 130 exhibition where he began by thanking them for the information package they had sent and informing them that it had been handed over to the competition jury for information. Commissioner Oettinger then presented the winning project and explained why the Loi 130 project is so important to the Commission. The event ended with a Q & A session about the competition and, of course, all the different aspects of the project itself.

10 September 2019 — Official opening of the Expo Loi 130

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M. Rindt, A. Hutchinson, G.H. Oettinger, A. Capilla Matarredona, M. von Schmalensee, R. de la Hoz, M. Ruiz Garcia, M. Kalbasi, J. Pringle, G. Mingo, J. Drew, G. Ladrón de Guevara, S. Bürger © EU

On Wednesday 4 September, European Commissioner Oettinger, together with the Brussels Commissioner for Europe Hutchinson and the Vice-Chair of the Jury, Ms. von Schmalensee, officially opened the Expo Loi 130 exhibition. In his speech, Commissioner Oettinger highlighted why this project was crucial for the European Commission. Commissioner for Europe Hutchinson stated that the Brussels Region also supported the project and Monica von Schmalensee explained why the project submitted by the Rafael de la Hoz team won first prize. Participants in the event expressed how impressed they were to see both such high-quality designs as well as a well-organised, accessible exhibition.

2 September 2019 — The Loi 130 exhibition has opened its doors in the Commission Infopoint (rue Archimède 1, Brussels). You can discover all competing designs between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays the exhibition is closed. On Wednesday 4 and 25 September, the exhibition will exceptionally close at 4 p.m.

10 July 2019European Commission announces winner of ‘Loi 130' architectural competition

9 July 2019 — The jury proposes the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner

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On 25 June, the Loi 130 jury met for the last time. The jurors choose the three best designs and voted which project should get the first, the second and the third prize. On 10 July, the Loi 130 jury’s proposal is submitted to the College, who will award the final prizes.

The jury meeting took place at the European Interinstitutional Centre in Overijse (Belgium). The jury analysed all 9 projects and was very happy with the high level of design quality. The jury was assisted by a number of experts during its evaluation.

4 February 2019 — The jury has decided which projects go forward to phase 2

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Back row: M. Hager, A. Grüntuch-Ernst, P. van Bergen, K. Borret, M. Séguinot, O. Bastin.
Front row: M. Mouligneau, B. Cody, B. Magenhann, M. von Schmalensee, G.H. Oettinger, V. Sucha, P. Benuska, D. Lyon. © EU

On Friday 18 January, the jury has selected the projects to enter the second phase of the competition. The selected candidates are asked to further develop their projects. The jury formulated a number of general recommendations to help the candidates with their task.

The jury meeting took place at the European Interinstitutional Centre in Overijse (Belgium). For two days, the jurors scrutinised all projects and assessed the quality of each design from different points of view. The jury was assisted by a number of experts during their evaluation. The high level of design quality of all projects has led to long and sometimes intense discussions. Now, it is up to the selected candidates, to elaborate their projects and send in more detailed plans by 29 April 2019.

16 January 2019 - Change in the composition of the jury

Bjarne Hammer resigned as deputy architectural juror. He has not participated in any jury meeting.

18 September 2018 — Candidates visit the site of the competition

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Following on from the jury, it was now the candidates’ turn to visit the Loi 130 site. Approximately 170 representatives of the competing offices travelled to Brussels to take part in the so-called “candidates’ colloquium”, organised by the European Commission’s Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels (OIB).

The candidates were welcomed in the J-79 building, which is also part of the Loi 130 project. Firstly, OIB’s competition project leader explained the most important technical elements that candidates need to take into account for their designs. After this general presentation, candidates were divided in smaller groups and taken on a guided tour of the competition site and its surroundings.

In the afternoon, all candidates participated in a Q&A session. The panel was made up of experts from both the Commission real estate department and the Brussels-Capital Region. The specialists, who are not part of the competition jury, took note of the demands for further clarification of a number of technical details and requirements. All replies will be posted on the platform on which candidates entered their initial application.

Well-informed and with the base for their scale model under the arm, the candidates went home, thinking of their design’s next step. In January 2019, they will know if they made it to the second phase of the competition and can further develop their design …

25 June 2018 — The competition jury meets for the first time

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Back row: M. Hager, K. Borret, O. Bastin, I. Souka, P. van Bergen, B. Hossbach, B. Magenhann, M. Séguinot
Front row: B. Cody, P. Benuska, A. Grüntuch-Ernst, A. Hutchinson, G.H. Oettinger, B. Tagliabue, M. von Schmalensee, D. Lyon, M. Mouligneau © EU

The jury for the Loi 130 architectural competition met for the first time on 25 June. During a visit of the competition site, the jurors discovered the ins and outs of the existing buildings and got acquainted with the complexity of the Loi 130 project.

In the meeting that followed the jury elected Commissioner Oettinger as its Chairperson and Swedish architect Monica von Schmalensee as its Vice-Chairperson. The Head of Commissioner Oettinger's office, Michael Hager, and French architect Dominique Lyon will deputise for respectively the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

The jury also discussed the competition brief. This is the document on which all participating teams need to base their designs. The competition brief explains in great detail the objectives and technical requirements of the Loi 130 project.

The Loi 130 competition is anonymous. This means that the jury does not know who the candidates are until the end of the competition. Only after the winners of the competition are chosen in June next year, will the identity of the teams be revealed.

In January next year, the jury will meet again and select the 10 teams that can enter the second phase of the competition.

16 May 2018 - The European Commission decided on the nomination of the jury members of the Loi 130 Architectural Competition during its 2254th meeting that took place on 16 May 2018. The names of the jury members and their deputies have been published under the section Competition/Jury.

27 March 2018 – Launch of the Loi 130 architectural competition