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Commission Art

Contemporary Art Collection in the Berlamyont buildingThe Commission has invited all EU countries to contribute to the Summa Artis II collection of contemporary art in the Berlaymont building, headquarters of the Commission in Brussels.



This monumental work, dedicated to Europe, was presented to the Commission by French sculptor, Bernard Romain. It was placed at the heart of Brussels' European Quarter in 2003 – a year devoted to disabled people and the EU's eastward expansion.

"Unity in Peace" carries a universal message of brotherhood, tolerance and hope and was created by Bernard Romain and carried out by visually-impaired children from many countries under supervision of the artist.

Art at the Commission
  • Berlaymont Summa Artis - a collection of contemporary art works from all EU countries on display in the Commission's headquarters.
  • "Unity in Peace" - sculpture celebrating brotherhood, tolerance and hope by French artist Bernard Romain.