About Newsroom

About Newsroom


The Corporate Newsroom is a Content Management System (CMS) focused on the creation and dissemination of information. The term "news" implies acceptance of dynamic content (news, event, document, consultation, funding, information on programs, speeches, press releases, etc.)

This tool was developed internally at DG CNECT in close collaboration with the communication unit. It is tailored to the needs of institutions and to meet the needs of communication teams.

In terms of dissemination, the tool is used to provide content for websites managed by internal or external stakeholders, to publish newsletters and to send automatic notifications. In addition, it offers other services such as RSS and JSON feeds.

Following the interest of other DGs and actors, it was decided to make this tool a business tool. It offers the possibility of quickly creating a dedicated environment. This environment allows you to customize the CMS so that it responds to our partners.

Corporate Newsroom offers the possibility to communicate with other platforms (Drupal, Sharepoint, Jive, etc.) and this offer will be extended in the future.

The Corporate Newsroom is fully multilingual.

Services offered by Newsroom

The Corporate Newsroom offers the following services

  • Central repository of news
  • Newsletters
  • Distribution lists
  • Notifications
  • API
  • Multilingualism
  • Connectors

Central repository of news


This central service allows users to administer their content. This includes managing content types, thematic elements (taxonomies, terms), validation rules and user rights for each piece of content through this service.


The newsletters allow users to compose their newsletter and to plan the sending. The Corporate Newsroom offers the choice of three templates. These templates can be fully customized in terms of design, information structuring or visual identity. These templates meet the latest standards in terms of responsiveness and design. No technical knowledge (html, css, etc.) is required to manage a newsletter, which makes users completely autonomous. In addition, we offer some basic but useful statistics for determining trends and improving content.

Distribution lists


A list distribution is a list of users that can then be used in conjunction with newsletters to send mailshots or specific information. The distribution lists can be private and managed by the administrators or public in which case the users manage freely their subscription.


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Administrators can create notifications. Based on the choices offered by the administrator, the user can compile his own notification. Based on the user's choices, the Newsroom will send tailored automatic notifications. The design of notifications is based on a newsletter template, which offers efficiency and modularity.


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The newsletter has an API that allows users to manage subscriptions from a third party site. Through the API it is also possible to import content into the Corporate Newsroom.



The Corporate Newsroom is natively multilingual. Labels, newsletters, notifications, metadata, everything is localizable.


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Corporate Newsroom offers a set of connectors:

  • Drupal connector – in order to connect to the multisite drupal platform. All the power that Newsroom offers directly in drupal.
  • JIVE connector – in order to provide news based on custom RSS feed.
  • MyIntracomm connector – in order to provide news based on custom RSS feed.
  • Poetry connector – in order to export text and import the translations from poetry. This process will be completely automated in the near future (WIP).
  • EU Learn connector – in order to connect to the training information and to inform the users (WIP).
  • Custom RSS connector.
  • Custom JSON connector.

The strengths of Corporate Newsroom

Full service

The Newsroom team supports the entire process:

  • Presentation and demonstration of the platform
  • Analysis of your needs
  • Creating an setting up your Newsroom environment
  • Creating and setting up your first Newsletter
  • Importing your contacts
  • Deployment test
  • Support
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • New development

Service for everybody

  • Whatever your desire to get involved in the management of the tool, the Newsroom will meet your expectations. The administration of your universe can be done by us or you take the wheel
  • Whether your communication is internal or external, managed by one or more DGs, centralized or decentralized, the tool adapts to your needs and helps you to be more efficient
  • Whether you want to feed one of the websites, send newsletters or notifications, the tool helps you and allows you to easily and immediately reuse your content
  • Whatever the size of your team (multi-DG team, CEO, management, unit, etc.) and the importance of your communication

Efficient service

  • One single application, always up-to-date with the latest developments of the product
  • Customizable application, new developments can be activated on demand
  • Central directory of news that makes your life easier when you want to share content
  • Single user profile that allows the user to see all his entries directly and manage them
  • Import and export facilities to help you make the best use of existing data
  • High level of support: - Fast and responsive - Focused on progressive user empowerment

One Community

Convinced, Committed, Extending

  • All DG's (save from DGT)
  • Cross-DG platforms
  • Platforms supporting initiatives
  • 18 agencies
  • Committee of the Regions

A few figures

The Corporate Newsroom in numbers

We have on the platform

  • 1 804

  • spread over 189 Universes

  • who wrote in 2021
    30 607 items
    with 6 472 documents

  • All these items feed
    7 websites &
    701 newsletters

  • generating
    21 170 121
    emails last year

  • sent to more than
    6 821 045


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