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  20 November 2020  

EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste

Newsletter October 2020

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As the EU faces the second wave of COVID-19, the members of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste continue to engage in food waste prevention related activities, taking steps to prevent food waste in the supply chain and ensure more surplus food is made available to those in need. This edition includes information on the various initiatives carried out by members of the Platform, such as sectoral guidance for food waste measurement, food waste school competitions, educational materials, award-winning food waste prevention projects, and many more. We wish you a pleasant reading!
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Farm to Fork 2020 conference: Building sustainable food systems together

2nd webinar on food waste measurement for EU Member States, 25 November 2020


Digital Food Waste Fest 2.020, 8-9 December 2020


Annual Food Waste Week culminated with a ‘Food waste battle’ between schools


Raising awareness about food waste on World Food Day & Wasteless School Programme educational materials now available in English


'Best before': Could we donate food out of date?


Flaw4life project among the winners of LIFE Awards 2020 & retailers helping consumers avoid food waste


‘Europe in School’: Reducing food waste by engaging primary school pupils in an annual competition


Developing redistribution systems for surplus food, guidelines for food waste measurement in dairy, fisheries and wholesale sectors & Swedish Food Agency’s food waste webpages now available in English


Coop Netherlands connects all its stores to the ’Too Good To Go’ application

European Food Banks Federation

Food banks: a beneficial solution to prevent food waste, for the people and for the planet

Stop Wasting Food Denmark

Stop Wasting Food teams up with Denmark’s biggest food producers to save tonnes of ugly fruits and vegetables

Wageningen University & Research

EU funded project REFRESH featured in Euronews & online session ‘A Global Call to Action on Food Loss and Waste’

This is the monthly newsletter of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste, incorporating information on the latest activities of its members. The newsletter is created and disseminated by the Platform’s Secretariat, within the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety.

The contents of the newsletter do not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of the European Commission. For more information about EU actions on food loss and waste prevention, please visit the European Commission’s Food waste website.

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