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Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate EU National Days with the Horizon Dashboard!

If you think that data are dry, you should change your mind. Since June this year, we do join Member States in celebrating their National Day with some fun facts on their participation to Horizon 2020. The day before the actual National Day from our corporate Tweet account @HorizonEU we post our best wishes to the national research community tagging relevant stakeholders, such as Permanent Representation, or Research Ministries. Stay tuned and if you have a Twitter account do not hesitate retweeting or suggesting us additional handles!

date:  26/11/2021

Up to now you might have considered that the Dashboard is only one of your best data sources when looking how your Country, your region or your organisation are performing in EU Research and Innovation Funding Programmes.

Definitely, we cannot deny that it helps in building your policy making activities, but it can also support you in communicating and showing visually interesting facts about EU R&I funding with graphs, even animated ones.

In addition to the National days celebrations, we also communicate on how EU Research and Innovation Funding is addressing major societal challenges and we join the whole world in celebrating United Nations International Days, such World Food Day.

If you have experienced the Horizon Dashboard for communication purposes do not hesitate and share it with us at RTD Horizon Dashboard.