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Fair, transparent, simple and low-cost: funding reforms to improve Bulgarian research

Bulgaria’s research and innovation landscape urgently needs reform to reduce fragmentation, increase funding and improve international competitiveness, according to a new PSF expert report. This can prepare the ground for an integrated, fair and transparent system for relating research funding to performance.

date:  22/05/2018

The PSF report, entitled 'The research evaluation and performance-based funding system in Bulgaria', was presented on 3 May at the ‘Smart Specialisation and Technology Transfer as Innovation Drivers for Regional Growth’ event in Sofia. The expert panel’s chair, Prof. Luc Soete, outlined the report's main findings and recommendations during the afternoon session dedicated to strengthening R&I in Bulgaria.

Structural reforms are an “absolute pre-condition” for introducing performance-based research funding systems (PRFS) as a genuine policy tool in Bulgaria, say the experts. They recommend that the Bulgarian government should address fragmentation in the national research system by means of system-wide institutional reform, while at the same time doubling Bulgaria’s national public funding of R&I. The research and innovation capacities in the country should be concentrated by creating a restricted number of research and entrepreneurial universities. 

The full final report can be found on the PSF website at the links below.

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