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Prioritisation, selectivity of funding and science-business links: how to improve Georgia’s research and innovation system

Tbilisi, Georgia
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The final report of the PSF Specific Support to Georgia was presented to representatives of the government, national research and innovation agencies, universities and research organisations, in Tbilisi on 14 June 2018. The report’s policy messages are summarised around four groups of issues which Georgia needs to address over time: Coordination, Concentration, Collaboration and Coherence.

These “four Cs” address some of the challenges of the Georgian research and innovation (R&I) system, such as: R&I funding arrangements, fragmented research organisations, and the governance and evaluation of the R&I system.

The full report ‘Improving the Effectiveness of the Research and Innovation System Georgia through Prioritisation, Selectivity of Funding and Science-Business Links’, as well as an article summarising the findings, is now available for download from the PSF website at the links below.

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