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The Albanian Presidency of EUSAIR comes to an end in Tirana!

From the 16th to the 18th of May the 7th EUSAIR Forum took place in Tirana, Albania.

date:  10/06/2022

“Now more than ever is the moment to cooperate, to get together, to join forces and to be stronger against external dangers. We need to use all tools we have at our disposal to alleviate the consequences of current multiple crises and to build a common better future for all European citizens.” These were the words spoken by Commissioner Elisa Ferreira at the opening ceremony of the 7th EUSAIR Forum in Tirana.

For the first time, after two consecutive EUSAIR Annual Fora (2020-2021) organized online, stakeholders were invited to participate in person. This year’s Forum came at a particularly delicate moment because of external geopolitical factors that have an influence in the region.

Against this backdrop, the Albanian Presidency selected the following priorities for the Annual Forum: Youth participation, Sustainable Tourism and Enlargement.

Several panels, debates and side events fulfilled the three days of the forum, bringing together people from all the ten participating countries.

Blue Growth, Energy transition, Agri-food system transformation, Green Deal and Youth Business were just some of the many topics explored through the Forum.

With the end of the Albanian Presidency, Bosnia- Herzegovina will be the next country holding the presidency of the strategy, having the important role of identifying and creating cooperation towards the accomplishment of the new priorities for the whole region