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  10 June 2021  

New European Bauhaus


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New European Bauhaus Prizes

We are very happy to announce that we have received an overwhelming number of applications for the first edition of the New European Bauhaus Prizes! From 23 April to 1 June applicants from all EU Member States and beyond put more than 2 000 projects and concepts forward.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has put their time and effort into this, either by applying or by helping us spread the word.

We look forward to discovering all the beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive initiatives that will pave the way for a better tomorrow for all of us!

Next steps

Eligibility checks are being finalised.

As of 11 June, online voting will open to more than 20 000 New European Bauhaus newsletter subscribers registered by 31 May. If you are one of them, you will receive instructions on voting for your favourite entries by 18 June.

Following a week of public voting, a jury composed of official partners of the initiative will evaluate the three shortlisted entries per category. The prizes will be then awarded by the evaluation Committee of the Commission.

We will know the winners after the summer and will organise a Prize ceremony to celebrate and honour them. Stay tuned!

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Co-design phase coming to an end

On 18 January, we launched the co-design phase of the New European Bauhaus initiative to mobilise designers, engineers, architects, scientists, policymakers, educators, students, and creative minds across disciplines to reimagine sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful places and experiences.

People from more than 35 countries worldwide have sent in more than 1 500 contributions already.

If you want to help shape our future ways of living, do not hesitate to share your inspiring example or innovative idea by the end of June.

What's next?

We have been listening carefully and will continue to process your inputs in the coming weeks. The outcomes of the many conversations generated by our partners and stakeholders and the visions of our High-Level Roundtable members are also carefully considered.

As we are making sense of all of that, it becomes clearer how the New European Bauhaus initiative can boost, scale-up, and support the generation of beautiful, sustainable and inclusive places across Europe.

The outcome of the co-design efforts will feed into the next phase of the initiative. In September, we will come with an official Commission Communication where we will lay out the main elements and next steps of the New European Bauhaus. At the same time, we will publish the first calls for funding.

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Join the conversations!

Decentralised events continue to be organised across Europe, tackling all the different aspects of the New European Bauhaus initiative. We are adding new debates, conferences, and workshops to our website daily. Keep an eye on it! You are very welcome to join the events that pique your interest.

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