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  28 April 2021  

DG JUSTICE Newsletter on funding opportunities & funded projects

Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values & Justice programmes

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Funding opportunities
The new CERV programme is finally here and new calls for proposals are waiting for you!

We are looking forward to fund good projects that will support and promote fundamental rights and Union values, citizen’s engagement and participation, democracy and rule of law, equality and fight against discriminations gender-based violence and violence against vulnerable people. 6 new calls for proposal for action grants and 2 specific for operating grants are now open. Don’t miss these funding opportunities!

The 2021-2022 annual Work Programmes for the CERV and Justice programmes have been adopted!

Check out DG JUST priorities for 2021 and 2022!

The deadline of the JUSTICE calls has been extended!

The deadlines to submit project proposals in the framework of the Justice programme have been postponed.

Project management tips
The use of the EU emblem in the context of EU programmes 2021-2027

In the previous newsletter, we informed you about the new minimum and binding requirements for communication and visibility which will apply for all funding programmes of the new long-term budget (for the period 2021-2027). Now, we want to share with you an updated guide about the use of the EU emblem in the context of EU programmes 2021-2027. A key document to be read carefully.

Document The use of the EU emblem for EU programmes 2021-2027.pdf  (1,0 Mb)
This is the “DG Justice Newsletter on funding opportunities & funded projects”. This newsletter delivers updates on the implementation of the Justice and CERV (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values) Programmes, including information about new funding opportunities, new funded projects, events and project management tips.

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