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'Diversity Management in Central and Eastern Europe - Lesson learned and potential for growth'.

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date:  09/11/2017

The EU Platform of Diversity Charters published its last report 'Diversity Management in Central and Eastern Europe - Lesson learned and potential for growth'.

The European Commission has recognised the Diversity Charters' contribution to combatting discrimination and to promoting equal opportunities in the workplace and since 2010 it has been supporting the then established European platform of Diversity Charters. There are Diversity Charters in 19 European countries so far, from which 6 of them in the Central and Eastern Europe (out of 11 CEE countries). The purpose of this publication is to encourage organisations with an expertise in diversity to set up a Diversity Charter as well as to convince businesses in CEE countries to commit to diversity and inclusion by joining their National Diversity Charters as signatories.

Chapter 1r gives an overview of issues related to diversity and inclusion discussing six grounds of discrimination (gender, age, disability, LGBTI, religion or belief, racial or ethnic origin) and why they are important for business and a sustainable society in these countries.

Chapter 2 presents briefly what diversity management is, why it is much wider concept then a process and/or a system of human resources management and why it is beneficial for business and for the society.

Chapter 3 presents information on Diversity Charter as a formal instrument that can help to tackle these issues.

Chapter 4 looks more closely at key challenges in CEE region.

Chapter 5 gives examples of good practices from CEE companies (from SMEs to multinational enterprises) that have recognised the value of diversity management.


Diversity Management in Centra...
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