European Consumer Centres publish advice on how to avoid risks of counterfeit products

Today, the European Consumer Centres (ECC) have published a report and brochure on counterfeit goods to help consumers become more aware of the risks of buying counterfeit goods online. Whilst e-commerce is undeniably convenient and has long been part of our lives now, it is accompanied by the risk of exposure to online fraud. Many online shoppers are unaware of how harmful purchasing counterfeit goods can be for their health, safety and wallet.

The European Consumer Centres (ECC) have published a report informing about these risks, some of which might be more and others less obvious. They range from fake sunglasses that don't protect your eyes to children's toys full of toxic substances. The ECC further provides a brochure that contains 10 pieces of hands-on advice for those European consumers who want to avoid unpleasant surprises when purchasing products online.

While surfing the Internet looking for a bargain, chances are high that one comes across very attractive offers which might be too good to be true. The EEC's report and brochure will help consumers figure out how to differentiate between imitations and original brand products and what to do when having been trapped into buying a counterfeit product.

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