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S3 across EU Institutions
1 - 2 June 2017 - Helsinki, Finland
Smart Regions 2.0 Conference: Maximising Europe's Innovation Potential
The second edition of the high-level Smart Regions even will provide the opportunity for stakeholders to share experience of how smart specialisation has been implemented in their countries and regions. It will enable project promoters to share experience and find cooperation partners across EU in areas such as energy, agri-food, industrial modernisation, cybersecurity, health, and the maritime industry. The conclusions of the discussion will be an important contribution to the discussion on the future of Cohesion Policy post-2020.
Upcoming Events
10 May 2017
Smart Regions with Smart Robots
Automation and robots are becoming an increasingly important topic in discussion of smart cities and regions and how to drive the smart sustainable investments. In this context, DG CONNECT and the Committee of the Regions organise a conference, which brings together the best experts in Europe to present state-of-the-art robotics applications, showcases success stories of regional initiatives, informs about funding and explores how to join forces and partner with other regions. It will take place on the 10th May 2017 in Brussels.
23 May 2017
ERRIN BioEconomy event
The ERRIN Smart Cities and Bioeconomy working groups are organising a one-day BioEconomy event to discuss the state of play of the bioeconomy sector, with particular attention to biochemical, polymers, composites, and bio-plastics. After touching upon the European BioEconomy strategy and the current knowledge and technical infrastructures in the sector during the morning session. There will be four workshops in the afternoon on bio-mass sources for biomaterials, funding opportunities for biochemical, new business opportunities for biochemical, and value chain optimisation.It will take place on 23rd May 2017 at in Brussels and it is open to ERRIN non-members.
5 April - 15 May 2017
S3P Industrial Modernisation Watify Matchmaking Events
The Smart Specialisation Platform on Industrial Modernisation proposes a series of 3 Watify Matchmaking Events on: Biotechnology in Healthcare (5th April 2017 in Zagreb), ICT Applications in Tourism and Cultural Industries on (28th April 2017 in Lisbon) and Internet of Things (15th May 2017 in Brussels).
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Spotlight on…
S3 Platform for Industrial Modernisation: 1st Steering Committee Meeting
Established under the S3 Thematic Platform for Industrial Modernisation, the 16 lead regions came together to present the state of play of the 8 partnerships they form. They outlined their specific needs for support to generate joint investment projects on shared smart specialisation areas.
S3 Publications and Tools
EU13 countries' participation in international science
This Policy Insight analyses the international collaboration patterns of EU Member States with a particular focus on EU13 countries. It considers both co-authorship analysis and Framework Programme Seven participation. It highlights the main collaboration partner countries and the position of countries within the wider collaboration network. It demonstrates the need for EU13 countries to take measures to improve their international collaboration activities.
Transnational Cooperation: the Case of the Baltic Sea Region
Through its adoption and adaptation towards regional development, the smart specialisation concept has become a powerful instrument for place-based innovation-driven growth. An example would be the Baltic Sea Region which fosters transnational linkages to tackle R&I challenges in various areas such as health, energy, sustainable transport and digital innovation. The notion of value chains is worth further exploration and analysis in this context.
In the Regions & Member States
Smart Stories: Evidence from Centre-Val de Loire
The Smart Stories reflect the way in which managing authorities have used the S3 concept to develop their own innovation-driven regional development policies. This month, evidence is given from Centre-Val de Loire(France), with a focus on selection process of specialisation domains.
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Värmland: The Academy for Smart Specialisation
Smart specialisation has proven to be an effective and transformative tool in North Middle Sweden Region, successful in refining priorities and achieving a more long-term and systematic approach to R&I policy. It has strengthened cooperation among stakeholders, leading to key joint project such as the Värmland's "Academy for Smart Specialisation". A video is presented here which highlights the role of Karlstad University in the S3 implementation process.
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New Dimensions of Smart Specialisation
Innovation and Regional Specialisation in Latin America
The Smart Specialisation concept, currently implemented in the European Union, is gaining traction in several countries and regions of Latin-America. The interest towards this approach, centrally based on the enhancement of regional innovation capacities, is motivating territorial dialogues, participatory processes and collective vision related to the innovation perspectives of Latin-American regions.
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