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  21 December 2022  

Better Legislation for Smoother Implementation

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Au revoir 2022 and welcome 2023!
Dear BLSI Community,

Champagne! With this festive BLSI newsletter edition, let us celebrate the adoption of the Interoperable Europe Act proposal, very good news for our community as the act enshrines key enablers for a smooth implementation of legislation!

What is the proposal about? It has four instruments:

  • Interoperable Europe Governance to develop a common strategic agenda for cross-border interoperability, to support the implementation of interoperability solutions, and to run progress monitoring.
  • Mandatory interoperability assessments to evaluate the impact of changes in IT systems related to cross-border interoperability in the EU.
  • Interoperable Europe Solutions made available on the Interoperable Europe Portal that serves not only as a one-stop-shop for shared and reusable interoperability solutions but as a community platform too.
  • Innovation and support measures, including regulatory sandboxes and GovTech cooperation, to promote policy experimentation, developing skills and the scaling up of interoperability solutions for reuse. 

Read our article Why is the Interoperable Europe Act proposal important for digital-ready policymaking and our community? to discover those elements of the proposal which are key for our digital-ready agenda.

An important goal of the Interoperable Europe Act is to create a structured and co-owned EU cooperation framework.

In the journey of making this proposal a reality, we invite you to spread the news to all actors around you who can contribute to some of its instruments, and we encourage you to share your views in the co-creation workshops that are to come.

Your contributions are the heart of interoperability. Therefore, we are glad to invite you to our first BLSI webinar in 2023 to explore together the implications and opportunities that arise from the Interoperable Europe Act for our community, how to create a more co-creative and interactive Joinup space, as well as gather training needs and topics you are interested in! Do not miss out the opportunity by registering here!

We regularly update our community page with other events that you might find interesting. Among the most recent ones you can find the EU Open-Source Policy Summit 2023 and the IRI§23 International Legal Informatics Symposium 2023.

More food for thought is waiting for you on Joinup with a report on API strategy essentials for Public Sector Innovation: Technical perspective from the JRC, as well as a study on Drafting legislation in the era of AI and digitisation from Monica Palmirani of the University of Bologna. Lots of reasons to revisit our revamped BLSI Joinup page, where you can watch our trainings, learn how to enhance digital-ready policymaking, how technology can support legislation or how to streamline regulatory reporting!

Please don’t forget that the Joinup platform is yours. You can populate it with your findings, studies, events etc.!

Become a member of our community and follow our step-by-step guide on how to contribute with your insights!

Any ideas for what should be on our plate for 2023? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in here!

Hooray! 2023 is just around the corner and is expected to be our year!

Stay tuned cause great things are about to happen! Looking forward to seeing you in our next events!

In the meantime, we are wishing you and your families merry, happy and bright holidays!

Kind regards,

The Legal Interoperability Team

Why is the Interoperable Europe Act proposal important for digital-ready policymaking and our community?

Interoperable Europe Act proposal for digital-ready policymaking

Great news! The Interoperable Europe Act proposal was adopted on the 18th of November and aims to reinforce the interoperability of the public sector in the EU!

Are you curious to learn what is there in the act to make EU legislation fully digital-ready and interoperable-by-design? In our new article you will learn more about how our community is connected to the key pillars outlined in the Interoperable Europe Act proposal and how our community plans to act upon!

Check the whole article here!

Study on "Drafting legislation in the era of AI and digitisation"

New LEOS community study

The European Commission has launched a study on "Drafting legislation in the era of AI and digitisation". The results of the study surpassed expectations and its findings provide a solid basis for kick-starting possible follow-up initiatives. The study identified some 30 concrete ‘do-able’ smart functionalities and illustrates the feasibility of implementing them in LEOS.

Check the article here and the whole study here!

Report on API strategy essentials for Public Sector Innovation: Technical perspective

API-related technical essentials

Our community is really insired in exploring the API-related technical essentials that organisations must consider when designing their digital agendas at tactical, implementation and operative levels. The JRC team has prepared a must read to understand how to make best use of APIs!

Click here to learn more and read the whole report!

First BLSI virtual breakfast for 2023

"The Interoperable Europe Act proposal: Implications and opportunities for our community" 7 February 2023

On February 7, 2023, we host our first of the year 2023 BLSI virtual breakfast to explore together implications and opportunities that arise from the Interoperable Europe Act for our community. During the webinar, we will discover together how turn our Joinup community space more co-creative and interactive, while we will also take the opportunity to gather your training needs or topics you want to learn more around legal interoperability, including digital-ready policymaking, legislation & technology or regulatory reporting.

Learn more about the event and do not forget to register here!

IRI§23 International Legal Informatics Symposium 2023

22-25 February 2023

The IRI§23 International Legal Informatics Symposium 2023 is taking place on 22-25 February 2023, in a hybrid format and this year's topic is around the Legal Informatics as a Legal Methodology Science. The focus of the conference is on the exchange of information between leading Austrian and international legal informatics specialists on legal-dogmatic and technical issues of law in the knowledge society with several interesting sessions to attend!

Click here to see more about our suggestions and do not forget to register here!

EU Open-Source Policy Summit 2023

3 February 2023

The EU Open-Source Policy Summit 2023 is bringing global technology and policy leaders together, on Friday 3 February 2023 both virtualy and on-site in Brussels! With the Open-Source innovation model being a fundamental building block of our digital reality, this year’s topic will explore Europe’s opportunities when leveraging these modes of technological collaboration at scale!

Click here for more and do not forget to register!

"Better legislation for smoother implementation" is an action under the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations, Businesses and Citizens (Digital Europe Programme) of the European Commission. Check out our legal interoperability activities, join our community or send us your ideas.
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