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Winners of the EEPA prize and Small and Mid-Cap Awards announced during the SME Assembly

The SME Assembly, which is centred around the governance structure of the small business act, takes place every year during SME week and is Europe’s most significant event for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Organised with the German Presidency of the EU, this year’s edition takes place online and presents the winners of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) and the Small and Mid-Cap Awards.

The EEPA winners

EEPA’s main prize went to le Portail du Rebond, a French portal providing a single point of access for entrepreneurs, who face difficult situations such as insolvency prevention and helps them find ways out of the crisis. This grouping of associations offers an immediate response to the difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs, from the prevention of entrepreneurial failure to aiding and promoting the recovery of entrepreneurs. 

The other category winners include

  • Open Entrepreneurship won in the category of 'promoting the entrepreneurial spirit'. This project improves the commercialisation of research, to make better use of existing research to fuel innovation and knowledge transfer to SMEs. 
  • Mobile Workshops, Merkuur, winner of the category 'investing in entrepreneurial skills', has developed a series of mobile workshops to introduce young people to various professions and work practices of the metal and woodworking sectors. 
  • Bind 4.0 stood out in the 'improving the business environment' category. The programme has been set up as an open innovation platform, where start-ups from all over the world and large industrial companies cooperate to develop high-impact projects.
  • Portugal Bike Value, winner of the 'supporting the internationalisation of business' category, supports and promotes the potential of the Portuguese bike industry by establishing it as a player in the European supply chain and by attracting foreign investment in the area of Soft Mobility. 
  • Grenntech.Ruhr won the of supporting the development of Green Markets and Resource Efficiency. It is an environmental management network to strengthen the Ruhr region’s environmental economy, by supporting its transition from a mining region to a diversified economy. 
  • Social Enterprise NL is the winner of the category responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship. With this project, social entrepreneurs benefit from a large number of workshops, growth programmes and receive support from network coaches to gain online visibility. 

Winner videos

The Small and Mid-Cap Awards

The five winners of the Small and Mid-Cap Awards come from different sectors and EU countries, showcasing the diversity of European SMEs. They exemplify innovation and the resilience of ambitious SMEs in a difficult economic environment. These companies are critical to European economic recovery and to accomplishing the EU’s goals of job creation, competitiveness, and growth. Find out about the winners and see more details.

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