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Questionnaire on sound emissions of L3e, L5e, L6e and L7e vehicles

The Commission would like to receive feedback on sound emissions of L3e, L5e, L6e and L7e vehicles

Applus IDIADA and ACASA (Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia - RACC) have formed a consortium. The European Commission assigned them to evaluate the current context regarding sound emissions of L3e, L5e, L6e and L7e category vehicles and to provide support to the impact assessment for a future proposal on new sound level limits. Specifically, concerning those vehicles under EURO 5 step of sound emissions in Regulation (EU) 168/2013, as amended by Regulation (EU) 2019/129.

This project aims to investigate the impact of noise generated by these L-category vehicles on global traffic noise pollution and examine scenarios to reduce impact.

Factors to be considered include

  • technological matters for improving vehicle sound emission performance
  • associated financial aspects (costs and benefits) when implementing these measures
  • a reasonable timeframe for the new requirements and the development of related technical solutions.

To gather feedback from involved parties, the consortium has launched a questionnaire.

You have until 20 November 2020 to contribute.