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Brexit transition: Stakeholder guidance on EU rules in relation to online purchase with subsequent parcel delivery

Since 1 February 2020, the UK has withdrawn from the EU. The ‘withdrawal agreement’ provides for a transition period ending on 31 December 2020. As of 1 January 2021 there will be broad and far-reaching consequences, regardless of the outcome of ongoing Brexit negotiations. Stakeholders must make sure they are ready for them.

To assist, the European Commission has issued a ‘notice for readiness’ in relation to online sales (B2C) of goods with subsequent parcel delivery (including aspects of 'online pharmacies'), which can be found below.

All interested parties are reminded of the legal situation applicable as of the end of the transition period whether a future partnership agreement is concluded or not.

The notice also explains certain rules of the withdrawal agreement where relevant as well as the rules applicable to Northern Ireland as of the end of the transition period.

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