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Consultation on the role of the euro in non-energy non-agricultural raw materials (metals and minerals)

In 2019, the Commission will launch a targeted consultation for stakeholders.

Objective of the consultation

The Commission will consult stakeholders to identify ways to increase trading in euros. Especially, for transactions at exchanges in Europe and direct transactions between European companies.

Key questions

  • What are the barriers to trading raw materials (metals and minerals) commodities in euros?
    • on commodities exchanges
    • in direct transactions between European companies


  • What actions would increase trading raw materials (metals and minerals) in euros? 
    • At EU level
    • At EU country level
    • At company level
    • At financial institutions/exchange level

Format of the consultation

A targeted e-survey among stakeholders through the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials Sherpa Group, Energy-Intensive Industries Sherpa Group and the Raw Materials Supply Group.

Expected concrete output

A working document on the role of the euro in raw materials (metals and minerals).


The consultation will be launched mid-January 2019 and will be open until mid-April 2019.