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BRIGHT held its first citizen engagement workshop

The BRIGHT project held a first citizen engagement workshop in Brussels at the cooperative company DuCoop, which manages the Belgian pilot of the project.

date:  22/07/2022

On 4th June, the BRIGHT project held the first of several forthcoming citizen engagement workshops at the premises of the cooperative company DuCoop, managing the Belgian pilot of the project.

Citizens and other recipients of DuCoop’s sustainability services that participated in the workshop, took part in a co-creation process to develop future energy services. During the event, the BRIGHT project was introduced, and the energy services currently delivered explained. Participants gave fruitful feedback on these services and input to the developments planned for the future.

The intention is to repeat these citizen engagement workshops three to four times per year, each time with a different focus (e.g. user engagement, heat demand response…).


More about the BRIGHT project

The BRIGHT project aims to maximise the potential of Demand Response (DR) at the consumer level, harnessing the potential of blockchain technology to deliver data-driven cross-stakeholder and cross-domain energy fingerprinting services. Specifically, it will design a co-creation process that lifts individual consumers to centre stage in order to deliver a DR that is multi-layered, community-centred, cross-domain, adaptable and multi-timescale. It will also combine user experience design driven by social science for user behaviour motivations that may include monetary and non-monetary incentives. Moreover, BRIGHT is focused on the use of digital twins for improved consumer predictability as well as artificial intelligence data-driven energy and non-energy services.