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BRIDGE & ETIP SNET new websites released and BRIDGE General Assembly’s Conclusions published

Check out the new websites of BRIDGE and the ETIP SNET and read the Conclusions and Next Steps of BRIDGE General Assembly 2022.

date:  22/07/2022

Launch of BRIDGE and ETIP SNET new websites

BRIDGE and the ETIP SNET launched their new, updated websites under the EUROPA domain, while the old ones have been discounted. As the European Commission stated, the two initiatives are at the core of smart energy systems, which play a pivotal role in enhancing the clean energy transition to reach the European Green Deal's climate targets and support the REPowerEU plan. They both aim to contribute to the decarbonisation of energy systems, transport, industry and building stock and to involve consumers and citizen communities in energy systems. Consult the two new websites regularly for the latest updates, events, and initiatives related to these domains.

As already announced in the past, BRIDGE and ETIP SNET now post through the EC channels, @Energy4Europe for Twitter and CINEA for LinkedIn using the hashtags #BridgeEU and #ETIPSNET.


Read the Conclusions and Next Steps of BRIDGE General Assembly 2022

The Conclusions & Next Steps of the BRIDGE General Assembly 2022 that took place on 22-24 March 2022 have been published and are available here.

The objective of these annual meetings is to share experience and create a better understanding of the BRIDGE projects, learn more about the projects’ results and help them to strengthen cooperation with a view to establishing European best practice standards. BRIDGE aims to stimulate structured dialogues between regulators, authorities and innovation projects on smart grids and energy storage, as well as to facilitate the uptake of innovative technologies in the energy sector. BRIDGE also aims to synthesise and deliver conclusions and recommendations on exploiting the project results that would support, from the energy perspective, the delivery of the Green Deal objectives.

The Assembly was very well attended, with over 200 people in the plenary and around 70 participants at the various parallel sessions that represented 58 projects. This year, on top of the traditional presentation of new projects (5) and lessons learned from the completed ones (5), the focus has been on bringing closer together communities relevant to the Energy R&I.