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"Islands Energy Transition: Experience in H2020 Projects” webinars and Sustainable Places workshop

The SMILE project (lead by RINA Consulting) together with IANOS and INSULAE projects – organized a series of events focused on clean energy transition of islands by grouping together 9 sister projects funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation and part of the BRIDGE initiative.

date:  30/09/2021

In addition to the three presented above, the projects engaged are: ISLANDER , MAESHA , REACT , ROBINSON and GIFT. Four webinars, entitled “Island Energy Transition: Experience in H2020 Projects” have been planned in September 2021 and developed onto the following thematic areas:

  1. Demand-side management, flexibility and energy management
  2. Renewable and energy storage technologies
  3. Sector coupling
  4. Regulatory framework and energy communities.

To date, the results and the lesson learnt of the webinars have to be summed-up by 4 rapporteur projects adhering to the BRIDGE initiative which have been selected to present them at a dedicated workshop organized at Sustainable Places event on 30th of September 2021 at 16.00. The aim of these initiatives is to highlight the present and future trends in the field as well as the key challenges for the island energy transition in the EU, collecting the interested feedback from a qualified audience.

The NESOI project (GA 864266) will complete the thematic presentations of Sustainable Places by providing further elements on the outcome of its first call for project and the subsequent ongoing technical assistance as well as illustrating information on future financing options for islands. The commitment of the BRIDGE projects can be quantified given the involvement of more than 160 partners from all over Europe and approximately 80 million of Euros of funding.