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Natural capital

One year after the launch of Align: Key achievements and next steps

The Align project – Aligning accounting approaches for nature – is reaching the end of its first year. The official launch and recruitment webinar organised in early 2021 raised interest among more than 500 organisations. Today the Align community includes more than 600 members. Within this, more than 200 business practitioners and technical experts have engaged in developing recommendations for a standard on corporate biodiversity measurement and valuation. Read more about the key achievement of 2021 and the next steps planned for 2022.

On May 31, the EU-Japan Summit took place with the Green Alliance as key deliverable

The key deliverable of the EU-Japan Summit was the Green Alliance – the first of its kind. The Alliance has a very strong environmental dimension reflecting the overall spirit of the European Green Deal and DG ENV top priorities. As such, it includes a joint commitment to the post-2020 global biodiversity framework, circular economy, sustainable supply chains and the global plastics agreement. The intention is to deepen green cooperation with Japan, to make it more visible and promote the green agenda together at a global level.

Ecosystem restoration goals: study highlights need for global priority areas and collective effort

Restoring global ecosystems is an urgent priority in efforts to conserve biodiversity and stabilise our planet’s climate. However, the costs and outcomes of ecosystem restoration differ markedly by location and habitat type. A recent study has developed a multi-criteria cost-benefit approach to identify priority areas for optimal restoration of terrestrial cropland and pastureland back to natural ecosystems, considering the outcomes of biodiversity conservation, climate mitigation and cost minimisation. </br> </br> <b><a href="">Click here to read more</a>

In this issue

Following the publication of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, the EU B@B Platform is happy to announce its relaunch as an initial step to implement the strategy. In this Newsletter, you will find out more about this Strategy and its aim for businesses, and the EU B@B Platform's reorganisation. Visit our website for more information on recent publications and ongoing consultations, and stay tuned for upcoming events in the field of business and biodiversity.

In this issue

As the Covid-19 public health crisis unfolds across the world, the threats of climate crisis and biodiversity loss are becoming ever more prescient. Both the crisis and countries’ abilities to handle its most immediate effects have demonstrated that the current economic order based on the strong disregard for nature and the climate are unsustainable in the long run. As the European Union, Member State governments, and companies prepare their recovery strategies, there is an opportunity for a stronger commitment to a new green, sustainable economy to emerge from the crisis. While the EU B@B Platform is preparing its re-launch (stay tuned!), many of our activities and that of our partners are continuing and being adapted to the new online needs. This newsletter presents the latest developments in the field of business and biodiversity. Don't miss upcoming webinars, ongoing consultations and recent initiatives. Stay tuned for more news soon!

Review of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive: online public consultation and webinar

The services of the European Commission have launched an online public consultation on the changes of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) to require large companies to include sustainability information in their annual public reporting. A webinar is organised on 11 May to take stock of the current NFRD review and reflect upon how its reform could enhance transparency and access to consistent non-financial information from companies.