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  24 June 2021  

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During the last month, the Clean energy for EU islands initiative and its secretariat have stepped up the pace by organising the sixth EU islands forum. In case you have missed it, you can find more information in our article below.

So, what is next? Workshops? Podcasts? Research on the regulatory framework?

Stop – first we take a dive and introduce Sophie and Anna to you. These two are our new heroines from our graphical novel series by Agata Smok (Th!nk E). As summer holidays approach across all of Europe, there is no better way to say – enjoy your break!

Your EU islands team

Clean energy for EU islands initiative
Explore, Shape & Act: Clean energy for EU islands forum, 20 – 21 May 2021 review

This year’s Clean energy for EU islands forum took place on May 20 - 21. The event was a great success with around 270 participants and more than 50 speakers. Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy, held an intriguing opening speech on the first day.

Explore & Shape: The Clean energy for EU islands Energy Academy - Cyprus edition summarised

On Monday June 14 we kicked off a series of Energy Academies organised by the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat with a first introductory session focusing on the energy transition of Cyprus.

Explore: Views from the islands

The Clean energy for EU islands secretariat had launched a Call for Videos in April 2021 with the deadline of May 15 for submissions. The goal of this call was to gather impressions from EU islands that are in the middle of their transition to clean energy.

Explore, Shape & Act: Results of the Call for Technical Assistance

During the last couple of weeks, the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat evaluated the submitted applications after the latest Call for Technical Assistance, calling EU islands to apply for technical support for their projects.

News from the islands
Explore: Project IANOS

The Horizon 2020 project “IntegrAted SolutioNs for DecarbOnisation and Smartification of Islands” – develops and tests tailor-made solutions for decarbonising geographical islands.

Explore & Shape: The island Korčula (Croatia) is starting to map its energy potentials

Croatia has more than 1,000 islands off its coast, of which approximately 50 are inhabited, with only 17 islands having populations greater than 1,000 people. Most of the inhabited islands are already connected to and reliant on the national electrical grid.

Explore & Shape: New energy cooperative "Apsyrtides"

The new energy cooperative "Apsyrtides" was established in Cres in the Palace of Moise on April 30th, 2021. It was a successful day for Cres and Lošinj islanders and island stakeholders who have been working together towards a clean energy transition.

Explore & Shape: Anthropocentric demand response on Samsø

Samsø applies a human-centered approach to match power consumption and production. The photovoltaic (PV) production rarely matches the consumption at the Ballen marina, Samsø.

Explore: Discover GREEN HYSLAND - Deployment of a hydrogen ecosystem

With more than 16 million tourists annually, Mallorca, the so-called “pearl of the Mediterranean” - offers great potential to become an international showcase for hydrogen and fuel cell integration at island scale.

The Clean energy for EU islands initiative and beyond
Explore, Shape & Act: NESOI unveils the 28 projects to receive support

NESOI received 117 applications from 14 countries involving over 100 islands. 28 of these submitted projects were now selected to receive assistance from the facility with a combined total of 1.6 million Euros.

Explore & Shape: Pathway to critical and formidable goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 by IEA

The world’s first comprehensive energy roadmap shows government actions to rapidly boost clean energy and reduce fossil fuel use can create millions of jobs, lift economic growth and keep net zero in reach. This policy paper is relevant for island stakeholders.

Explore & Shape: European Commission and European Committee of the Regions launch Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform

The European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions have launched a Stakeholder Platform relevant for islands stakeholders to help implement the EU Action Plan: “Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil”.

Explore & Shape: Two entrepreneurs to unlock the blue economy potential in Greece

Crowdfunding is a funding tool that can play a key role in financing SMEs seeking to develop initiatives to improve sustainability. In the framework of the Blue Economy, it can bridge the financial gap between innovative ideas on islands and their market application.

Explore: International Energy Exhibition of Greece
From this year onwards, the International Energy Exhibition of Greece is integrated in the organization of the Cretan Energy Conferences. The exhibition will take place under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the support of the Region of Crete.
date 08/07/2021 - 10/07/2021
Explore: Smart Islands Energy System
This online workshop and matchmaking event is jointly organised by the H2020 Smart Islands Energy Systems (SMILE) project partners and the Enterprise Europe Network and supported by the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat.
date 08/07/2021
Explore, Shape & Deal: 6th HAEE Energy Transition Symposium
The symposium will focus on the assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic on the energy sector and the short-term measures that could pave the way towards a sustainable recovery.
date 28/09/2021
Clean Energy for EU Islands

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