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Fraunhofer releases a survey to assess the needs of battery skills of the future

Batteries Europe supports this side activity in the scope of its Task Force on Education and Skills, which aims to assess such needs for the European battery value chain.

date:  06/10/2020

The global battery demand will dramatically increase in the next 10 years and beyond. In Europe, it will increase from currently 30 - 50 GWh to 150 - 300 GWh in 2025, and 400 - 800 GWh around 2030. A skilled workforce along the entire Battery Value Chain will be decisive for European companies in order to be competitive and sustainable. According to a number of estimations, the job market impact per GWh battery production is expected to be at least 90 direct jobs and over 300 indirect jobs along the Battery Value Chain. Thus, several hundreds of thousands of people with knowledge and skills on different aspects related to batteries will be needed in the next 5 - 10 years and beyond.

Batteries Europe works actively towards targeting the issue of education and skills in the battery value chain, thanks to its Task Force on Education and Skills led by Fraunhofer, EIT InnoEnergy and the Slovenian National Institute of Chemistry. Against this background, Fraunhofer would like to invite European experts working along the battery value chain to participate in an online survey on "Future Battery Skills Needs“ until 31 December 2020.

In case of questions please directly contact Dr. Axel Thielmann at Fraunhofer ISI (