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EDMO updates – 6th Edition, May 2022

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EDMO 2022 Annual Conference registrations open

On 13 and 14 June, the EDMO 2022 Annual Conference will take place in Brussels. The event will bring together media and policy practitioners, media and information literacy experts, academics, online players and civil society organisations.

EDMO 2022 Training Calendar

The calendar of EDMO trainings for 2022 is out. The broad and multidisciplinary offer includes multiple facets of the phenomenon of disinformation: neuroscience, history, EU policy, research and much more.

Take our survey on training needs

The new online survey for stakeholders working on online disinformation will be open until 15 May 2022. Tell us about your needs and help us identify the most relevant topics for future EDMO training sessions.

EDMO Network gathers in Florence

On 14 March, the EDMO Hubs met the Executive Board. This gathering was the occasion to present and discuss the plan for collaboration as well as the next steps for the growing EDMO community. On 11 February EDMO also met with the EU Small-scale Online Media Projects to learn more about their planned activities and kickstart collaboration with the EDMO network.


On 15 March EDMO had the pleasure to receive the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA) in Florence. The meeting set the lines for a deepened collaboration to tackle online disinformation including potential future collaboration in the context of the revised Code of Practice on Disinformation.

EDMO fact-checking network in Milan

The EDMO fact-checking network gathered in Milan on 29 April for the 2nd EDMO international fact-checking conference organised by Pagella Politica and Facta News. Partners discussed European answers to the phenomenon of online disinformation including cooperation in the policy and media literacy field. New members of the network also joined: Nieuwscheckers (NL), Eurocomunicare (RO), Tjek.Det (DK), Re:Baltica (LV), (BE) and Ekspress Meedia / Eesti Päevaleht (EE). During winter 2021, EDMO has welcomed Polígrafo (PT), EFE Verifica (ESP) and France tv (FR).

International Fact-checking Day: EDMO interview

On 2 April, the International fact-checking day, the EU Research and Innovation Magazine Horizon invited Lauri Tierala (Programme Director of EDMO), Paula Gori (Secretary-General and Coordinator of EDMO) and Tommaso Canetta (Pagella Politica) to present EDMO and their views on the best ways to tackle online disinformation.

From antivax to war propaganda: A global disinformation switch visible in Belgium
Webinar organised by EDMO BELUX to present its first investigation, which covers the dominant social media narratives spanning from the coronavirus pandemic to the war in Ukraine.
date 03/05/2022
venue Online
Organiser Belgium-Luxemburg Digital Media and Disinformation Observatory
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EDMO network investigations

Catch up with the latest investigations conducted by the EDMO fact-checking network.

Follow the work of EDMO on the war in Ukraine

In reaction to the war in Ukraine, EDMO has created a taskforce and a repository of fact-checked items. Main disinformation trends are published weekly.

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