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EDMO Special Issue on Ukraine - 28/03/2022

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EDMO’s taskforce on the war in Ukraine

Following the increasing circulation of disinformation related to the war in Ukraine, EDMO established an independent taskforce dedicated to collecting relevant materials to better understand disinformation trends and tackle disinformation campaigns spreading across the EU and EEA countries. The taskforce will collaborate with the EDMO Hubs and small-scale online media projects.

A dedicated repository of fact-checks

Since 24 February, the members of EDMO’s fact-checking network have been at work to detect and debunk disinformation related to the war in Ukraine. EDMO has dedicated a special section of its website to collect all analyses published by its partner fact-checking organisations. Users can access them through filtered search.

Weekly Insights on disinformation trends

Weekly Insights highlighting the main disinformation trends on the war in Ukraine are accessible on the EDMO dedicated webpage. They are based on the fact-checking analyses by the EDMO fact-checking network and provide an overview of the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the false narrative in circulation. Read the first two Weekly Insights.

EDMO taskforce’s statement on Russian propaganda

The EDMO taskforce on disinformation on the war in Ukraine responds to the weaponisation of fact-checking by Russian propaganda through the dissemination of false fact-checking articles. Taskforce members call for awareness of these new practices that undermine measures against disinformation and urge EU political and media actors to take action to contain their spread.

EDMO’s taskforce’s statement on cybersecurity

EDMO’s taskforce reacts to the recent cyberattacks targeting EDMO’s website, the websites of some EDMO Hubs and other institutions involved in the fight against disinformation related to the war in Ukraine. The taskforce experts recommend stakeholders to raise their cybersecurity levels.

Investigation: 5 first false narratives trends

An analysis of articles published by EDMO’s fact-checking network highlights five main disinformation narratives related to the war in Ukraine: instilling fear of a new global conflict, misleading representations of President Zelensky being a pro-Nazi, exaggerated tales of Ukrainian heroism, questioning the reality of the war and wrong information about refugees entering neighbouring EU states.

Meeting of the EDMO Executive Board with the EDMO Hubs
On 14 March, the EDMO Board met with the EDMO Hubs in Florence. Among other things, a session was held to set the framework for cooperation between the hubs, the small online media projects and the task force for the collection of relevant fact-check material and media literacy initiatives on the war in Ukraine.
date 14/03/2022
venue Florence
EMIF special call on Ukraine

The European Media and Information Fund (EMIF) opened a special funding round for urgent actions on Ukraine under the call “Boosting Fact-Checking Activities in Europe”.

10 tips to avoid disinformation during the war in Ukraine

Check out 10 tips to help you know if and how to trust content related to the conflict in Ukraine.

European University Institute, Via dei Roccettini 9, I-50014 San Domenico di Fiesole (FI). This project has received funding from the European Union under contract number LC-01464044

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