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  19 April 2021  
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Members of the InvestEU Investment Committee: Call for applications now open

The Commission is seeking 12 external experts for the role of members of the InvestEU Investment Committee. Applications are open until 7 May 2021. This is a part time role and can be combined with other professional activities.

The Investment Committee will play a central role in the newly established InvestEU programme. Being fully independent, the Investment Committee shall be responsible for examining proposed financing and investment operations for the InvestEU Fund in line with the InvestEU Regulation and investment guidelines and for approving the coverage of the EU guarantee for financing and investment operations that comply with the requirements of the InvestEU Regulation and the relevant investment guidelines.

The Investment Committee’s 12 members will be selected and appointed by the Commission, at the recommendation of the InvestEU Steering Board, for a term of up to four years, renewable once. The members of the Investment Committee will be appointed in a personal capacity, and shall not delegate their responsibilities. The Investment Committee will meet in four different configurations, corresponding to the four InvestEU policy windows: sustainable infrastructure; research, innovation and digitisation; SME; social investment and skills.

The Investment Committee as a whole will be gender-balanced in line with the Commission’s strategic ambition regarding gender parity (50%) as well as its equal opportunities policy.

Candidates shall comply with exclusion and eligibility criteria specified in the call notice and have : relevant market experience in project structuring and project financing or financing of SMEs or corporates, expertise in sustainable investment, knowledge of one or more of the sectors covered by the four policy windows, knowledge of the geographic markets in the Union and understanding of the role of the InvestEU Programme.

If you are interested in this highly rewarding and challenging role, please find out more about the requirements and selection procedure.

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