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LIFE awards best projects for nature, environment and climate action

The winners of this year’s LIFE Awards have just been unveiled. They come from Italy (Nature category), Spain (Environment category), Greece (Climate Action category) and Cyprus (Citizens' prize).

How to write a good LIFE proposal

We have asked 3 project leaders and Angelo Salsi, Head of the LIFE unit at EASME, for their insights and tips for successful LIFE project proposals.

Natura 2000 Day: 9 spectacular places in the EU where LIFE projects are at work

LIFE projects work in some spectacular landscapes around the EU. On this Natura 2000 Day, take a new look at Europe’s dramatic, diverse and precious habitats.

LIFE is good for governance

Good governance is essential to environmental protection. Read about how LIFE projects work towards ensuring compliance enforcement and avoiding environmental crime.


23/05/2019 - 25/05/2019

Naturmødet – The People’s Festival of Nature

Celebrate nature and learn about 11 LIFE nature conservation projects at Denmark’s People’s Festival of Nature.


17/06/2019 - 18/06/2019

LIFE Platform meeting on climate action and the building sector

How can the building sector become resilient to future climatic conditions and extreme weather events? LIFE projects will meet in Brussels to share good practices.


18/06/2019 - 20/06/2019

EU Sustainable Energy Week

Sustainable energy projects that have been funded by LIFE will be presented at Europe’s biggest conference dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use.

Project news
‘Cocoon’ tree growing counters desertification in the Mediterranean

As the Mediterranean is experiencing greater water stress and more frequent changes in rainfall and drought, one LIFE project is using a cocoon system for trees which can replace traditional irrigation practices and raise trees’ survival rates to at least 90%.

Volunteering for nature with LIFE and the European Solidarity Corps

Adéle and Laura are volunteering with LIFE Volunteer Escapes in Portugal. The project trains students in ecological and conservation activities.

Monitoring emissions for a greener inland shipping sector

A consortium of shipping companies, port authorities, regional governments and ship owners are building a wealth of emissions data to help the inland shipping sector to green its fleet.

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