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"Digital Excellence & Science Infrastructure Newsletter" Newsletter Issues

Date Subject Language
21/04/2021 Europe's Digital Decade, EIC Pathfinder projects, success stories and more
10/02/2021 Supercomputers, sustainable batteries, EIC Pathfinder projects and success stories, forthcoming events and event reports
21/12/2020 High Performance Computing, Horizon Europe, Sustainable batteries, EIC Pathfinder projects, Forthcoming events
01/12/2020 Fight against coronavirus, Destination Earth, Quantum technologies, EIC, Forthcoming events
30/10/2020 EuroQCI initiative, Funding opportunities, Blog, EIC Pathfinder, Forthcoming events
29/09/2020 Funding opportunities, Flagships, EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, EIC, Horizon 2020, publications and interviews
18/09/2020 New Regulation for the EuroHPC JU proposed by the Commission
15/07/2020 Human Brain Project, Fight against coronavirus, HPC, EIC, EOSC and more
08/06/2020 Funding opportunities, fight against coronavirus, EIC, Human Brain Project, HPC, Graphene and more
04/05/2020 Funding opportunities,fight against coronavirus, EuroHPC, Quantum technologies, Graphene Flagship and more