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Startup Europe & Innovation Newsletter

Startup Europe & Innovation Newsletter

Open Market Consultation: 100% renewable energy supply for public buildings

The procuRE buyers group of 6 public procurers from 6 different countries around Europe (SI, ES, DE, PT, IS, TK) are inviting potentially interested bidders to participate in the open market consultation for their upcoming pre-commercial procurement. Aim is to stimulate the development and testing of breakthrough solutions that can provide 100% renewable energy supply for existing public buildings in order to move towards full decarbonization.

European Blockchain Pre-Commercial Procurement

The European Commission is looking for novel blockchain solutions for the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure. The call for tenders for the pre-commercial procurement has now closed.

No more stranded passengers at airports in the winter thanks to self-driving snow clearing vehicles

In 2019, the Norwegian start-up Yeti Snow Technology successfully completed the pre-commercial procurement of the Norwegian airport operator Avinor to improve snow clearing operations at airports. Thanks to this project, the company successfully brought to the market its innovative robotic snow sweepers and successfully attracted investors to grow its business. It recently won a large contract to deliver its driverless snowploughs to the Swedish airport operator Swedavia.

Call for tenders open for deploying cloud services for the European Open Science Cloud

The OCRE consortium of research and education networks from 48 countries are inviting interested bidders to submit offers for their IaaS+ (Infrastructure as a Service) procurement. This aims to deploy commercial cloud services to empower the research capabilities of the European research community. This OCRE procurement exploits the results of the past HNSciCloud (Helix Nebula Science Cloud) pre-commercial procurement in which such type of innovative cloud based solutions were developed and tested for the European Open Science Cloud. Deadline for submission of offers: 2 June 2020.

Call for tenders open for Lithuanian pre-commercial procurement for an African swine fever control system

The Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania has extended the deadline for its pre-commercial procurement for the development of an African swine fever control system based on aerodistance methods and machine learning algorithms for monitoring and accounting of wild boar. Interested bidders are invited to submit offers until 8 May 2020, 10 am. The procurement is supported by the European Structural and Investment Funds.

Call for tenders open for Norwegian pre-commercial procurement on environment monitoring

The Norwegian Environment Agency invites interested bidders to submit offers for this procurement that aims to develop an automatic monitoring tool to exploit the large potential DNA in fresh water (rivers and lakes). The tool should be able to monitor the spread of harmful alien species and disease organisms as well threatened species to classify the ecological condition in accordance with the water regulations. Deadline to submit offers: 22 May 2020.

Danish disinfection robots save lives in the fight against the Corona virus

Back in 2014-2017, Blue Ocean Robotics created a self-driving disinfection robot in a pre-commercial procurement for a buyers group from several Danish regions. Since then, the Danish start-up attracted $48,7M USD Venture Funding, experienced a steep growth to over dkk 850 million valuation and +200 employees, and is tipped to become Denmark’s next unicorn. The company already sold its disinfection robot to over 60 countries that are now using it to combat the Corona virus.

Apply for free of charge assistance to implement your innovation procurement

Are you a European public procurer that wants to receive free of charge local assistance in preparing and implementing your next innovation procurement? The European Assistance for Innovation Procurement initiative can help you in procuring innovative ICT based solutions. <strong> Don't miss the extended deadline for the call for assistance that is open now until 31 May 2020! The focus of the call has been widened to include also ICT solutions for realizing the green deal and to tackle COVID-19.</strong>

Open market consultations for 10 new Spanish pre-commercial procurements

The Spanish Centre for Technology and Industry development (DGTI) has created a website with the list of open market consultations of Spanish pre-commercial procurements. Companies that are interested to participate can find more information on the site. There are 10 published at the moment: Maritime security, Transfer of prisoners, Rural security, Organ Preservation, U-Space simulation environment, Trial Management / Clinical Studies, Surface water quality monitoring, Computer systems supporting decision-making in water management, Seawater Desalination, Distributed smart computing

Call for tenders deadline extended for pre-commercial procurement tackling archiving and preservation for research environments

Four leading research organisations - CERN(CH), EMBL and DESY (DE), IFAE-PIC (ES) - are inviting interested bidders to submit offers for their ARCHIVER procurement. ARCHIVER (Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments) aims to introduce radical improvements in the area of archiving and digital preservation services, supporting the IT requirements of European scientists and providing end-to-end archival and preservation services for data generated in the context of scientific research projects. Deadline: 14 April 2020

Public procurement of innovative solutions for patients with bradycardias

The RITMOCORE consortium - four hospitals and hospital foundations in Spain and the UK - invites interested bidders to submit offers to their public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI). This PPI aims to deploy innovative and more efficient service provisioning for patients with bradycardias and implantable pacemakers. The care model is based on personalized arrhythmia treatment, remote monitoring, coordinated care and patient activation. Deadline for submitting offers is 16 March 2020.

Smart mobility company Be-Mobile leverages PCP to accelerate growth track

Back in 2014, the Belgian smart mobility scale-up Be-Mobile created a real-time traffic solution for the ‘shockwave traffic jam’ pre-commercial procurement (PCP) of road authorities in the Province of North-Brabant. In the meantime, Be-Mobile has more than maximised its results: the company employs 300% more employees, was partially acquired by Belgium’s biggest telco operator Proximus and expanded its activities in over 30 countries beyond the Benelux borders.

Impacts of EU funded Pre-Commercial Procurements

Interested in the impacts achieved by pre-commercial procurements (PCPs) funded by the EU's research and innovation program? Check out new data about the link between PCP and venture capital and its impact on the commercialization success rate of companies and the modernization of public services (see slide pack). Check out also updated data how the impacts of the EU funded PCPs compare to those of PCPs implemented at national level or to those of other procurement approaches, such as the innovation partnership procedure.

Study on Blockchains: Legal, Governance and Interoperability Aspects

To reinforce the work of the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum, the European Commission has launched a call for tender to examine for legal and regulatory aspects related to blockchain-inspired technologies as well as socio-economic impacts of the Blockchain technology (study reference: Smart 2018/0038)

eIDAS Made Easy: The Quickstart Guide and Checklist for Your Business

As part of the eIDAS Toolkit for SMEs, the eIDAS Made Easy Guidebook and eIDAS Checklist have recently been launched to help businesses to understand the benefits of electronic identification (eID) and trust services and guide them towards implementation, according to individual business needs.

European Big Data Value Forum 2018

The European Big Data Value Forum is a key European event for industry professionals, business developers, researchers, and policy makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the European data economy and data-driven innovation in Europe. Keynotes and presentations will range from cutting-edge industrial applications of Big Data technologies, artificial intelligence, innovative business cases of the data economy, inspiring future visions, and insights on EU policy-making and Research and Development and Innovation funding in this area.

eIDAS explained in under 3 minutes

This video explains the Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS) and shows the main business benefits of implementing Electronic Identification (eID) and Trust Services.

eIDAS Toolkit for Businesses

Online resources to help your business take advantage of cross-border business opportunities, increase efficiency, security and improve user experience through electronic identification (eID) and trust services.