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Advanced and Cloud Computing

Advanced and Cloud Computing

Horizon Europe Information and Brokerage Session

The virtual half-day event will provide participants with information on the Horizon Europe Cloud-Edge-IoT call as well as the possibility to network and forge partnerships with experts from academia, research and innovation, industry and SMEs.

Integration of 5G with edge computing and federated cloud facilities

The main objective of this CSA is to accelerate the development of edge computing solutions as part of 5G corridors and 5G local communities and to ensure an integrated approach with the development of European federated cloud and edge infrastructures funded under CEF Digital and Digital Europe.

Building a European Cloud Marketplace – A Conceptualisation Study

This is the final report of the conceptualization study “Building a European Cloud Marketplace”, entrusted by the European Commission to CapGemini Invent. The main objective of the study is to offer a conceptualization framework for the topic “Marketplace for federated cloud-to-edge-based services” as included in the Digital Europe Work Programme 2021-2022.

ENISA: Addressing security risks in 5G networks

As “5G’s great potential brings some security challenges”, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity – ENISA – has published a study on the “Threat landscape for 5G networks” as well as contributed to the “EU 5G Toolbox”. In this video interview, Dr. Louis Marinos, ENISA Senior Risk Management Expert, explains the key measures and recommendations for creating and running secure 5G networks.

HiPEAC Vision 2019 - The Evolution of Computing Technologies

Over the last years, the performance of computing devices has significantly increased. This has a crucial impact on each aspect of our lives. With innovation happening faster than ever, and new facets of ICT emerging so rapidly, this Connect University session explored the seventh edition of the HiPEAC vision, covering the following topics: business, technology, society and Europe’s position in the world.