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Future Internet Assembly - FIA 2014

FIA Athens 2014 will focus on reshaping the Future Internet infrastructure for innovation. The programme features keynotes from the public and private domains in a high-profile plenary as well as in nine parallel sessions. FIA Athens will also showcase a wide range of EU project demonstrations and posters. Prior to the event, thirteen pre-FIA workshops will also take place and a 5G-Public Private Partnership event will be organised on the last day.

The 5th Annual Internet of Things European Summit - IoT: Shaping tomorrow's European Internet landscape - 3-4 March 2014 - Brussels

Over the coming few years, the European Internet landscape will look very different from the Internet of today. These developments, fuelled by The Internet of Things and M2M communications, will open up more possibilities and help to transform European society and business, and the everyday lives of citizens. Now in its fifth year, this year's IoT Summit will once again provide a high-level meeting point and timely platform for discussion concerning the key policy dimensions and commercial opportunities of the latest IoT technologies and innovations in Europe. The event brings together leading industry stakeholders, including large telcos, hardware manufacturers, software developers, cloud providers, entrepreneurs, consumer advocates and the key decision makers to explore the current IoT ecosystem in Europe, and addresses the impact that the Internet of Things will have on European society. It will also stimulate a dialogue about a trusted IoT. Taking place the week following Mobile World Congress, the event will be the first opportunity to discuss some of the key IoT developments and new trends and technologies announced in Barcelona. The event will also address the new initiatives and building blocks that are available to support IoT innovation in Europe, together by discussing what work is being done to educate citizens and increase people’s awareness of the IoT’s potential.

How can a FIRE facility help innovation and SMEs?

The FP7 <a href="">BonFIRE</a> has produced videos to explain how their facility was used to improve and test new versions of some applications and services already available on the market.

FIA Athens 2014 - Submit your working session proposals by 25 October 2013!

<p> The <a href="">11th Future Internet Assembly (FIA) edition</a>, FIA Athens 2014, will be a three-day EU Greek Presidency event, supported jointly with the European Commission. It will take place during 18 to 20 March in Athens and will focus on reshaping the Future Internet infrastructure for innovation.</p> <p> FIA Athens 2014 will be the first FIA under Horizon 2020, allowing presenting a wider picture of Net Futures EU research activities. The programme is under preparation and the FIA Steering Committee has launched an open call to select up to nine forward-looking and inspiring working sessions. Submit your working session proposal by 25 October 2013!</p>

Co-creating ideas for future policies at Futurium

Futurium is an online platform where citizens are invited to ‘co-create’ ideas for future EU policies. Imagine the world in 2050, and imagine the policy landscape needed to bring this vision to reality. If you fancy yourself as a futurist or simply want a say in shaping a better Europe and a better world, the Futurium team is keen to hear from you. Announce a brainstorming event on life in 2050, sign up as a ‘curator’ or moderator for future workshops or debates about future policy-making, or simply follow the community threads on Futurium … “One platform. Your voices. Our futures”.

Best of … FIA Dublin 2013

For its 10th anniversary, the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) held in Dublin on 8-10 May attracted more than 600 researchers and business people from Europe and overseas – the most attended FIA ever! It strengthened its position as a key stakeholders’ event, at a time when the Future Internet has many untapped opportunities for European players.

EU-Brazil second call evaluation

Two years after the evaluation of the first EU-Brazil Coordinated Call on Research and Development Cooperation in the area of ICT, which resulted in five EU-Brazil joint projects in five areas, the Commission launched a second EU-Brazil Coordinated Call which closed on 17 January 2013.

ETSI cloud standards coordination meeting

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) cloud standards mapping process is well underway. The standardisation experts met for the second time on 17 April in Brussels. A meeting organised jointly by ETSI and the European Commission looked at the results achieved so far and discussed the next steps.

Post-consultation workshop on advanced cloud infrastructures

The Commission’s DG CONNECT (unit E2) launched a web-based public consultation with a view to defining the future research priorities in cloud computing, software and services, ahead of the Horizon 2020 (H2020) ICT Work Programme 2014-15. All interested stakeholders (industry, research centres, academia, SMEs and users) were invited to contribute. The web consultation, which was open from on 26 February to 2 April 2013, attracted 43 written contributions (available on the Digital Agenda website).

'5G' technology – EU challenges ahead!

Will Europe lead the charge towards the next global communication standards and the next generation of mobile and telecoms technology? Will future ubiquitous, ultra-high bandwidth communication infrastructure – also known as 5G – be pioneered by European industry? Will this be a huge job-creator for Europe? EU research and innovation policy is doubling down on a ‘yes’ to all these questions.

EU-Japan … A story of cooperation

Research cooperation between the European Union and other world regions raises some eyebrows, in particular when the region in question is considered a direct competitor. Opinions range from no-talk policies ('friend or foe') to unrestricted cooperation ('we are one world'). Most, however, would agree that the appropriate position is somewhere between the two extremes. Take EU-Japan cooperation in ICT research, which is a classic case of mutually-beneficial ‘coopetition’.

Encouraging achievement: Record-breaking Multipath TCP connection

European researchers have set a record for data transfer using an advanced version of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Partners in the CHANGE and Trilogy 2 projects are reporting throughput rates of 52 Gbps for a single TCP connection over six parallel 10 Gbps links. This is equivalent of sending more than an entire DVD’s worth of data every second … the fastest TCP connection ever!

Editorial - 2nd Newsletter Net-it-Be

The forecast for the Future Internet looks bright and sunny thanks to good news and progress in the first half of the year. Europe can expect even bigger things around the Horizon 2020 launch …

€50 million EU research grants in 2013 to develop '5G' technology

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes announces €50 million for research to deliver 5G mobile technology by 2020, with the aim to put Europe back in the lead of the global mobile industry. "I want 5G be pioneered by European industry, based on European research and creating jobs in Europe – and we will put our money where our mouth is," Kroes said.