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European Digital Progress Report: review of Member States' progress towards digital priorities

As a key part of the Digital Single Market strategy, the European Commission has published the annual Europe's Digital Progress Report (EDPR), which monitors progress in digital policies in the Member States. The report benchmarks developments in connectivity, digital skills, use of internet by citizens and by business, digital public services, and investment in research, development and innovation in ICT.

A European agenda for the collaborative economy

The European Commission has presented guidance aimed at supporting consumers, businesses and public authorities to engage confidently in the collaborative economy. These new business models can make an important contribution to jobs and growth in the European Union, if encouraged and developed in a responsible manner.

Code Week EU 2016 – Skill up for the digital world with #codeEU!

The 4th edition of Code Week EU is less than five months away! Between 15 and 23 October, millions of children, young adults, adults, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers will again come together at events, in classrooms and libraries across Europe and beyond to learn to create with code.

Digital Agenda for Europe – Engagement for Growth and Jobs, SMART 2012/0106 Lot 5 – ICT and Jobs and Skills

The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs is a multi-stakeholder partnership launched in 2013 that endeavours to facilitate collaboration among business and education providers, public and private actors to take action attracting young people into ICT education, and to retrain unemployed people. This report provides an analysis of the potential contributions of the Grand Coalition's Pledges to solve the mismatch between demand and supply of digital skills in Europe, their challenges and problems encountered so far, and their key success factors.

Cloud Computing Uptake in the Public Sector

The goal of the workshop "Cloud Computing Uptake in the Public Sector" was to bring together organisations that have expressed clear interest in cloud computing and that could benefit from interaction. Furthermore the workshop provided input to identifying possible future actions in this area.

ICT 2013: Create, Connect, Grow

ICT2013 will bring together Europe's best & brightest in ICT research, with businesses old & new, web start-ups and digital strategists to chart a path for Europe's ICT research policy. Join us to share your vision for the future with EU policy-makers, and see the latest advances in EU-funded ICT research.

A vision for public services

The aim is to outline the long-term vision for a modern and open public sector and the way public services may be delivered in an open government setting.<br /> <p> &nbsp;</p>

Deadline extended: Apply to become student / young ambassador at ICT 2013

The young ambassadors will contribute to the event in different roles: Session reporters will be following selected conference sessions and write summaries of the highlights, which will be published on the blog; Conference highlighters will follow the conference and report online; Exhibition watchers will highlight the most attractive exhibits; Social media managers will help to coordinate the information and content produced by different ambassadors. Deadline Wednesday 3rd July 2013, 16:00 CET.

Helping our single market to communicate

One of the things Europe needs today is digital skills. At some level, they're essential for almost any job. But there's also a huge demand for high-quality skills; including many jobs that didn't even exist 10 years ago.

Networking at ICT 2013

Do you have a specific topic to propose for discussion? Bid for a dedicated networking slot at the event! Propose a topic for a Horizon 2020-related networking session. Deadline: 10 May

The digital economy delivers jobs: FACT

We agree that unemployment in Europe is unacceptably high and at the same time unfilled vacancies in ICT are growing. We also acknowledge that our competitiveness as a region is under threat if we're short of digitally skilled people. We cannot go on this way.

European Commission launches Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs

Commission President José Manuel Barroso today called on Europe's digital businesses, governments, training and education sectors to join a Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs to address up to 900 000 job vacancies expected to exist in Europe in Information and Communication technologies (ICT) by 2015. Despite the current levels of unemployment, the number of digital jobs is growing by more than 100 000 per year. Yet the number of fresh ICT graduates and skilled ICT workers is not keeping up.

Europe 2020 Conference - Agenda for new skills and jobs

The event is primarily aimed at policy makers and senior experts of national, regional and local public administrations,as well as employment specialists from academia, networks and associations. The conference will be combined with study visits and a networking session dedicated to experiences and future aspects of transnational cooperation.