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EU-U.S. Trade and Technology Council Webinar on Cybersecurity for SMEs

The European Commission is currently organizing with the U.S. Department of Commerce the first webinar of the EU-U.S. Trade and Technology Council Working Group 9 - Promoting SME Access To and Use of Digital Tools. The webinar will take place on 25 January 2022 from 15h – 17h (CET).

Trade and Technology Council: Inaugural meeting agrees on important deliverables and outlines areas for future EU-US cooperation

At the first meeting of the Trade and Technology Council (TTC) in Pittsburgh, the EU and the US agreed on concrete deliverables and outlined the future scope of work. Notably, the EU and the US committed to cooperating closely on shared priorities such as export controls, foreign investment screening, critical and emerging technology standards including Artificial Intelligence, and secure supply chains including on semiconductors. They also agreed to work together on important global trade issues, such as the challenges posed by non-market economies and trade-related climate and environment issues, as well as avoiding unnecessary trade barriers on new technologies and promoting fundamental labour rights.

Digital Day 2021: EU countries commit to key digital initiatives for Europe's Digital Decade

Today, at the online Digital Day 2021, Ministers representing EU Member States signed three Declarations to pool efforts and resources to promote international connectivity, incentivise the rollout of clean digital technologies and improve the regulatory environment for start-ups and scale-ups. These tangible commitments will help accelerate Europe’s green and digital transformation and will contribute to the vision and goals of Europe's Digital Decade.

Digital Day 2021: Europe to reinforce internet connectivity with global partners

At Digital Day 2021, 25 Member States, as well as Iceland and Norway, committed to reinforcing internet connectivity between Europe and its partners in Africa, Asia, the European neighbourhood, the Western Balkans and Latin America, by signing the Declaration on “European Data Gateways as a key element of the EU’s Digital Decade”.

BETTEReHEALTH supports deployment of eHealth in African lower income countries for better health outcomes

BETTEReHEALTH, funded under Horizon Europe and started in January 2021, aims at mapping and identifying human, technical and public policy factors that are barriers or enablers for eHealth implementation in low and lower middle income countries in Africa. BETTEReHEALTH will coordinate and support the deployment of sustainable eHealth solutions to derive strategies and policies for more successful use of eHealth, and thus better health.

Targeted consultation on the availability of works other than printed works in formats accessible for persons with disabilities within the internal market

The purpose of this targeted consultation is to collect information and data on the availability of certain copyright protected works, in particular works other than printed works (e.g.films, photos or music), to persons with disabilities. The Commission is carrying out this exercise as part of the preparation for a report foreseen by Article 9 of the ‘Marrakesh’ Directive (EU)2017/1564. The consultation is targeted at persons with disabilities and organisations acting on their behalf, rightholders, content producers, distributors, service providers, broadcasters and educational institutions.